Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Idiosyncrasies, Dungeon 2 sets, Patch 1.10

I realize something odd about my playstyle today.

Whenever I get an item with a "Use:" ability, I drag it to the interface and make a button so I can use the item easily. I do this with every item I have except the hearthstone. For some reason, whenever I want to hearth, I open my bags and click on the hearthstone. In all my time of playing, it never once occurred to me to make a hearthstone button.

In other news, patch 1.10 came out yesterday. It contains the Dungeon 2 armor sets, which are replacements for the Dungeon 1, or Tier 0, sets. For paladins, the replacement for Lightforge is Soulforge. Soulforge is actually pretty sweet, and is possibly better than Lawbringer (Tier 1 epic armor from Molten Core) for general play. Lawbringer is better for healing, though.

I did the first quest, which was fairly easy, and obtained my [Soulforge Bracers]. I started the second quest and then realized that it requires player-made materials. So naturally the prices of these materials have skyrocketed. Good old Adam Smith. I think I'll wait for a while and finish up the quest in a week or so.

Patch 1.10 does look pretty nice. I *really* like the new griffon UI, especially as it allows the Alliance to bypass the Ironforge chokepoint. The reputation pane changes are interesting as well. I haven't seen any weather yet, but it should be neat.

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  1. LOL...I do the SAME thing!
    It's always in the top left slot of the original backpack.

    Good observation.