Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Patch Day!

It's Patch Day! Here are some quick notes:

Spirtual Attunement - This works with overhealing!!! Greatest paladin ability ever!

Enchanting menu - much, much needed change. Being able to sort enchants by slot was sorely needed.

Looking For Group menu - looks pretty nice. As always, depends how people use it.

New paladin animations - Blessing of Wisdom is so pretty. I like!

Faster backwards walking - rather unexpected, but pretty nice. Much easier than doing strafing tricks. Should be nice with a mage and Frost Nova.

Buying new spell ranks automatically upgrades your icons on your bars - I love this. I missed this so much when I rerolled from warrior.

Buffs automatically cast correct version on low rank people - Yay for drive-by buffing!

More detailed character info - Very, very nice. More information is always good, and this should stop the debates and guesswork about things like Int to Spell Crit.

All in all, it looks like a very solid patch. Lots of little changes as well.

I respecced 10/0/41, but haven't really gotten a chance to try it out. I have high hopes for Sanctified Crusader and Improved Sanctity Aura. I may end up switching back to something else, but none of the other paladins seemed interested in going Retribution. I really want to see the effect of Sanctified Crusader in a raid.

The biggest decision is still to be made: do I enable my PvP title (Knight-Captain) or not? It is a good rank to display, and has a good sound to it (Knight-Captain Coriel), but it's not a very prestigious title (like Grand Marshal, for instance).

Heh, I haven't even looked at the options for my warlock yet.


  1. I'm in the same boat as you pretty much. I went, apprehensively, with 10/0/41. The most challenging thing for me was actually figuring out where to put all the new abilities on my bars.
    Also, my one level 60 alt is a warlock, into whose changes I too have barely looked.

  2. I ended up staying with a 33/0/18 build for now. I do have to say that Righteous defense and spirital attunement are extremely sweet.

  3. I ended up going 34/17/0. While I would have liked to spec deep into Prot, I can't justify doing so, when I won't really ever get to tank any of the raids on the current content.

    I'll probably be going Prot either once BC hits, or when I get close to 70.

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  5. eric, thanks for the offer, but I'm not interested at this time. I barely have enough time to update this site. :)