Sunday, December 17, 2006

PvP'ing with my Warlock

I've been PvP'ing a bit with my warlock lately. I figure that given the new Honor System, I should be able to get him some decent gear. I probably won't be able to play enough to get him any epics--work is very time-consuming lately--but I should be able to get him his blue PvP set.

I went Affliction spec first. Affliction spec is insanely powerful. There were many battlegrounds where I would be number one or two in total damage done. However, you are very fragile, and you really need the gear to back it up. In particular, hunters were absolutely destroying me. I really think that, for a somewhat geared PvP'er, Affliction spec is the way to go.

As an aside, I had two points left over when I was making the build, so I took the talent that decreases the cast time of Howl of Terror. I didn't realize it made it instant cast! That is such a powerful talent.

But since I'm not geared, I respected to Demonology. This is a pretty good spec in general, but it is very good for an undergeared warlock, like mine. I last quite a bit longer. I may not do as much total damage anymore, but at least I don't die every 15s.

Heh, I may have to change tactics with my warlock. I usually defend, often running into Drek'thar's room at the end. I fear the puller, hopefully into all the warmasters, who run outside and proceed to wipe the Alliance raid. It is--or perhaps I should say was--a good tactic. Today, I tried the same thing and managed to trick the Alliance into pulling four warmasters at once. However, the Alliance raid killed all the warmasters! This, quite frankly, shocked me.

Maybe the alliance had insanely good tanks and healers up, but prior to this patch I would have sworn that pulling four warmasters at once would lead to a wipe. Ah well, I'm going to have to change tactics a bit.


  1. Maybe, just maybe, you ran into Theras:


    If you don't trust the link, preview the url it points to here:

  2. Yeah, I had the same deal with the Affliction talent spec -- I had these two points left over when planning it, trying to figure out where to put them.

    Looked at the improved howl of terror, thought to myself "that couldn't possibly decrease the casting time by anything significant." Double-checked it and was amazed to see it made it instant-cast. It's two of the most useful points in my tree!

  3. I'm glad to see affliction is such a nice tree; however, there are sooo many of those damn felguards in BGs that it makes me wonder how many locks are even looking at affliction.

    I personally am the world's most intense kite'er. That is why I like the improv'd DoTs, since I usually just DoT and run like the wind anyways, hehe.