Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Warlock's View of the New Paladin

I love warlocks. They're slightly insane, but every so often they come up with something that is absolute genius. From Slark, of Shattered Hand, comes this description of the new paladin (exactly as posted on the WoW Forums):
i dont even knwo what paladins are doing anymore

when im up against a paladin theyre throwing gigantic shields in m yface hammers are falling from the sky on my head hammers are being tossed to hit me in the face their blessings lag my entire computer while hammers are hitting me from every direction and shields are preventing me to run away b/c apaprantly magical shields stop u from running

combine that with their immune shield and shields and hammer s being tossed at u from god knows i dont evne knwo what the @!@! is going on anymore i npvp when i face a pally

A brilliant description of the new Paladin. We're now shiny, and that is the best change Blizzard has made to us.

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  1. Oh yeah, I loved that post on the forums. It made me laugh, and smile that Pallies got a nice buff with the patch. :)