Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Helm Update

In the end, I went for the T4 Holy helm.

It will probably be the most useful for the next little while, given that I'm still Holy specced. As well, I did get a really nice weapon, and I should balance it out with some healing gear.

Finally, my previous healing helm was [Mask of Inner Fire], which is more a shaman DPS helm. Not to mention that it looks like Catwoman's mask, meaning the T4 Helm is a big upgrade in the style department.

I also got Exalted with the Shat'ari faction over the weekend, and picked up [Gavel of Pure Light]. My healing set is doing pretty well now. I'm trying to find someone with the Spellsurge enchant, but failing that I'll put +81 healing on it.


  1. Congratulations! With the Heal/Mp5 Enchant, a good Gem and a great Meta you can really beef that helm up to last you alooong time. Kara really only needs one Paladin and if Shaman/Rogues aren’t around I’m sure you’ll get all three before too long either way.

  2. I have almost the entire Shaman set... when I DPS in Holy I'm an elemental shaman... yay!

    I've also been too cheap to get the mace from Sha'tar... we pwn Karazhan so much that by the time I buy it, my mace will drop and I'll have wasted money.

  3. The healing helm from Ce revered is really good till you get your t4.