Wednesday, June 06, 2007


The thing I find hardest about being Holy is making money. I like Holy fine when I'm raiding, but solo it's just painful. I also have a tendency to die a lot when soloing, which adds more repair bills, wiping out any profit I'm making.

As a result of this and gemming/enchanting/upgrading gear, my gold total has been steadily going downwards. I'm now hovering around 100g, which is pretty low for Outlands. At this rate, my epic mount is years away.

So, the question is: how do I earn gold?

I'm trying the daily quests, but so far the Skettis fire-bombing eggs is the only one I can do with any regularity. On the others, it takes forever as Holy, and is terribly boring.

Grinding, again, I can't stand with this spec. I'm not a fan of it at the best of times, but Holy just seems so boring, and each fight takes so long.

I tried mining, circling the map looking for ore, but it seems fairly hard to find, or perhaps I was following someone else who was mining.

I wish I had an 70 dps alt, but my closest ally alts are in their 20s and I'm a slow leveller.

Any suggestions for what would be a good way to earn gold?


  1. Netherwing questline was quite awesome money-wise. I started with around 600g and had 2.1k a few weeks later at Exalted. In addition, I now have a bank character stacked to the brim with Netherweave Cloth.

    As for the funds I used to get the 300 riding skill in the first place.. I sold raw ore and gems, did all of the quests and grinded Aldor rep at Legion Hold.

  2. Try the auction house. Do some research and take a stab at the whole buy low, sell high gig.

  3. Can't you get together a damage/healing set? From what I read, with enough damage/healing gear (about 700 ish) a Holy Paladin can throw out near Ret damage.

  4. There's three daily quests you can do when you don't have 300 riding skill without having to engage a single mob.
    1) The bombing run in Ogri'la.
    2) The simon says quest in Ogri'la.
    3) The egg bombing in Skettis.

    To get to the first two, you'll need a group to plow through about 5 intro quests, but after that, it's ~36g a day for about 15 mins worth of 'work'.

  5. If you're not a primary healer in your Karazhan raid I'd suggest going Retribution again.

    I've been raiding Karazhan for about 1 month now. Nightbane is all that stands in the way of a full clear. Oddly enough I've picked up a ton of healing gear in Karazhan which I use to, well, heal. I was very surprised at how much I'm able to do healing wise since I don't have the Holy specialization. So, either I'm helpful or my group feels sorry for me and carries me on their backs.

    I guess my point is, being a secondary healer is more about the gear than the speciality. If you've got the gear then change your speciality to something that will make your grind easier overall.

    If you are a primary healer, well, ignore me.

  6. To add to what Todd said, you can do the ray wrangling quest in Ogrila as well.

    While doing these quests I kill mobs that drop motes. By the time I finish them all I usually end up with 2 or so motes for sale on the AH. So for well under an hour of play I get rep and about 100 gold.

  7. Working the auction house by buying low/selling high has good returns but you have to be patient. There will be times your item(s) will not sell thus costing you more gold due to the auction house deposit fee.

    If I read your blog correctly, your alt is an enchanter. If so, here are a few helpful ways to make gold disenchanting your items (but you may know them already)

    *Disenchant all soulbound from quest, random drops and items you longer use.
    *All BOE random drops think about DE the item before selling it in AH. There is no guarantee the item will sell or the auction fee maybe too high to consider. Just disenchant the item and sell the mat (since enchanting mats do not have a deposit fee)
    *Check the AH for any green items level 50+ selling or has a bidding prices of 2g-4g or less. Buy them and disenchant them. The mats you may get can go for 10g (eternal essence, etc) thus making a 7-8g profit. Plus the high level mats sell nicely.

    Please keep in mind, this is based on the server I play which may have a different economy

  8. One option for mining is hit up Halaani Basin. Go into the basin and start following the walls on your flying mount. when you get to either of the two ogre caves, hop inside looking around (kill some mobs for some quick loot). Assuming you're not sharing it with someone else you'll find at least 3 adamantite deposits and the occasional fel iron deposit or khorium deposit every lap. When I'm not in the mood for Blood Elf smacking (for signets) that's where I'm usually farming.

  9. Well... here's some tips for grinding as Holy...

    Elemental Shaman Gear AKA Wannabe Earthfury, collect as much of it as you can, get piles of +crit, then run around and gather up mobs (A good example are those ethereal dudes with Zaxxis Signets), and just start spamming consecration, blasting holy shocks, healing yourself, etc. It's the easiest way to grind as a Paladin and you get plenty of stuff.

    My issue right now is I flat out don't have time to make money or quest, all I do is raid, so my funding is slowly dwindling... it doesn't help I'm a sucker for the auction house at times.

  10. If you're going to play the AH be sure to use Auctioneer. If you're an enchanter be sure to get Enchantrix (now out in Alpha).

    I make a steady 30-40g/day by buying cheap high level greens DE and resell the mats. I know this is nothing in the face of Outland quest rewards.. but I've been doing this since about level 40-45 and it takes very little time.

  11. One thing I definitely have noticed is that Outland greens don't sell very frequently on the Auction House anymore. In the face of the already-superior Outland quest gear, most of the stuff you can outright buy really isn't much of an upgrade and thus not worth the cost.

    Weapons especially - they seem to have a higher chance of becoming a Shard, and Large Prismatics go for over 10 gold apiece on my server. Better a guaranteed 10 gold than a possible 15 gold after you post it for 2 gold a shot four times.

  12. Easy tips for getting gold.

    1) Go herbalism. Drop whatever profession isn't making you money. It'll take a day or two to get your skill up to BC level.

    2) Fly on out to skettis.

    3) Find some Talonsworn-Forest Ragers. They're big trees.

    4) Kill them. As holy or protection you should have no problem. If you want a very simple and basic way of doing it, judge them with Crusader (or Wisdom), then judge Vengeance the rest of the fight. Vengeance, judge, vengeance, judge, hammer, vengeance, judge, etc etc etc. Throw in a heal once in a while and you'll be fine, you can solo these easily as a paladin.

    5) Herb the corpse.

    These trees drop:

    2-5 random herbs
    2-5 random herbs
    2-5 Motes of life

    The herbs can be of the following categories: Black lotus (If you get them, they're rare, and will drop 1-3), Mana Thistle, Dreaming Glory, Terocone, Felweed, and Ancient Lichen.

    All top selling herbs, and you can make a nice rotation of them, there are 5 ragers up at any given time, with a 2 minute respawn timer on each.

    Happy hunting. ;)

  13. Couple that with alchemy and instead of selling your Felweed/Dreaming glory, make Super mana pots with it. :)

    Alternatively, have an Aldor tailor turn your Primal Lifes that you get into Silver Spellthread, which notoriously sell for much more than your primals will sell for on the AH (Around 45g-65g) each.

  14. No profession makes you as much money as JC. I have never farmed. Ever. I make anywhere from 400-1000g a day dong it. In the last week I've bought an epic flying mount, a couple thousand gold in adamantite, maybe a thousand gold in gem designs, and 4 20 slot bags (about 400-500g each on my server) and I still have 2400 gold. I COMPLETELY recommend it. Especially with mining because it's very cheap to lvl that way and you can farm Adamantite to make more money. Keep in mind though, it's taken me a while to get to this point. I've spent about 10-14k gold on gem designs and I'm probably the highest JC on my server.

    Zanniati - Balnazzar

  15. What I do is farm Demon Hunter Supplicants at the Ruins of Karabor/Black Temple. They drop Netherweave, decent coin, and random greens.

    Just pull them 6-10 at a time, Consecrate them down with a couple of JoRs on some targets with higher health, and heal yourself with Conc Aura up. Works like a charm.