Thursday, June 07, 2007

Melee and Terestian Illhoof

There are certain fights where paladin meleeing just works out perfectly. One such fight is Terestian Illhoof in Karazhan.

I'm usually assigned to heal the warlock who is killing the imps. What I try to do is drop Consecration every so often to help her out. But this leads to mana problems, and I usually end up having to drink a mana potion or stop the consecrations.

So last night I tried a different strategy. I put Judgement of Wisdom on Illhoof, and melee'd with Seal of Wisdom, healing the warlock as necessary. It worked spectacularly well. I was able to consecrate every 8 seconds, keep the warlock up, add a little bit of melee damage, and end the fight with over 30% mana. I think the fight went a bit faster and much smoother than normal.

In retrospect, I probably should have used Seal of the Crusader for a bit more damage and a bit less regen, but I was really concerned about mana from our previous experiences with him.


  1. Interesting strategy. Certainly worth considering. :)

  2. I believe I did some of this action, we actually had a Fury Warrior off-tanking the Imp. Then we just unleashed mayhem with our AoE on the other imps that spawned. It worked out fairly well... we downed Prince & Nightbane (our first times) in one night, our group was on fire. But then the giant invis-o-dragon killed us. :(

    Speaking of Illhoof though, I managed to get myself a Lightning Capacitator... I wonder if that'll make Holy Shock grinding any less painful?

  3. The beauty of meleeing Illhoof is not only the things already mentioned, but also that, assuming you have target of target and enemy cast bar showing, you can see a couple seconds ahead of time who is going to get chained, thus giving you more time to react and land a well-timed heal.

  4. As a paladin you should pretty much always have the imps on you. Not sure what spec you are but it sounds holy, which implies you should have some prot points in there as well.. always have your good ol' +threat buff up, not like anything in the fight besides illhoof hits hard :)

    Throw consecrates up whenever you can and throw out righteous defence whenever it's up on the warlock you're healing. It won't pull any of the imps you already have aggro on, and should keep him relatively free of any problems seeding.

  5. NJ. We downed him lastnight for the first time. I was MT and tanked both the imp and Illhoof. We basically only had 2 healers. It was hella hard. Fun as anything though. I'm gonna mention that to our pally healer though next time and see what he thinks.