Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Void Reaver Down!

Even though everyone says he's easy, keeping the melee DPS up with paladins was hard. My kingdom for a resto shaman or holy priest on that fight.

I wore my Arcane Resist set, and ran into melee, keeping Judgement of Light up and tossing Flash of Lights. It was very stressful, especially because all the melee are taking damage at the same time. Judgement of Light + Improved Leader of the Pack helped a great deal.


  1. First of congrats ^^
    A small question though,
    does JoL benefit from your +healing or not and to whom is the healing contributed (in other words, the threat)?

  2. gz :)
    We're still wiping on Gruul, but we'll get him eventually... :)

  3. well it doesn't scale with +healing, but it does get a tier 4 2piece bonus. Make your melee run out during the pound :) and make a priest respec holy. That fight = need for circle of healing.

    Drakesilver on perenolde

    P.S. your macro's are the win! Killed leo last night due to pallies and your keep light's grace up macro. Enrage is nothing compaired to bubble -> spam Hammer of Wrath at 1%

  4. Congrats to you and your guild, Coriel! I helped take down Void Reaver with my guild last night as well, a guild first for us too. 'Cept I was tanking, and there was a resto shammy keeping the melee alive.

    Tanking Void Reaver is crazy with those knockbacks!
    -Baelor, 70 paladin
    Runetotem server

  5. Much congratulations!

    My guild is lucky enough that we have plenty of chain healing love to go around, so I've always been on the tanks during the fight, but mad pros for keeping the melee up, its a ton of healing.

  6. Grats

    I’m an avid judger but have never tried my luck at it in that encounter, extra Kudos to you!

    Goodheart as someone mentioned your judgement of light won’t scale with gear but you can help it out with a Teir 4 (2 piece bonus) as well as other class’s talent such as Tree aura etc. The healing is credited to the melee target so you can assume the threat is also accumulated by that target. This is typically ok as your Tank(s) are also receiving the benefit of the judgement and while they might not hit as often as Windfury amplified rogues the DPS should have salvation on them to help manage threat.

  7. Thanks for the great responses to my question :)
    With a bit of luck I'll start tanking in KZ very soon, so trying to gather all the info I need.

  8. It is stressful, You dont have any resto shaman or holy priests at all?

    If we have a single one they are on the melee with 2-3 paladins+1 other healer on the tanks.

    But unlike drakesilver we keep everyone in, if people in melee range from start to finish then no orbs from people just outside melee range ever hit melee.

    Our circle of healing priest did 400k+ on the melee a couple of weeks back with just that 1 spell.

    +15 on cloak ,Kara trinket and imp rightous fury is enough to keep me alive 2 poundings especially so I wear full healing in all other slots.

    Mate ,Proudmoore

  9. No resto shamans, and our holy priests are MIA recently. Our healing force on that fight was 4 Holy Paladins and 2 Resto Druids.