Sunday, July 27, 2008

The First Thing You Should Do In WotLK

The very first thing you should do in WotLK is roll a Death Knight and do the Death Knight starting questline.

The DK starting questline is like a prologue or introduction to the expansion. It sets up a couple of very interesting storylines to be revealed in the expansion. After you finish the questline, you can switch back to your main character or continue with the Deathknight as you please.

I'm not really impressed with the Deathknight class itself (I'll probably expand on this in a later post), but I strongly suggest you do the DK quests first before heading to Northrend.


  1. Are the quests more or less evil than the warlock quests? As a warlock I got to tear out the hearts of perfectly innocent people and use them to summon demons.

  2. The Warlock quests are evil? I think the only "evil" one is the quest where you need to kill one demon on orders of another demon, during the epic mount quest, which isn't really that bad.

    On the other hand, the DK starting quests apparently heavily involve the mass slaughter of noncombatants, and torture. It's got some people bothered on the official forums.

  3. I don't care how good the story is, I won't be rolling one.

    I won't play a character that requires me to slay innocents who won't fight back, torture a good man for information or some of the other acts you perform during the DK initial quest.

    I am disappointed to miss some of the story, but I won't pay the price of admission.

  4. The only drawback is that those of us with "average" hardware will probably not be able to handle the lag caused by 2000 Death Knights in the DK starting area for the first few months after release.

  5. Honor, I understand your point of view. But consider, if you were an actor, would you play a villain? I mean, someone has to.

    That's the way I view the DK starting quests. In the "movie" that is WotLK, that's the prologue, the first five minutes setting up the story. I'm not really the Deathknight, I'm just acting the part of the Deathknight right now for the purposes of the story.

    After the prologue, the action cuts to our hero, who is boarding a ship to Northrend, and that's when the real story starts.

  6. Thrush, it actually might be better than you think. The DK starting questline uses the "different instances for different points in time" technique to segregate people who are at different stages in the quest.

    So not everyone will be in the exact same area/instance as you.

  7. Oh I didn't know that. LOTRO uses a similar method for their starting areas. That would make things much easier. I'm in!

  8. The Death Knight quest line is definitely not nice. You have to start right out with killing fleeing townsfolk as well as the soldiers nearby.

    There are several quests that involve killing innocent people, including one that orders you to kill someone who used ot be a good friend of yours.

    All of these story lines however lead you down the path of how and why your Death Knight forsakes the Lich King and becomes a member of the Alliance or Horde.

    To Honors, how do you reconcile playing this game at all if you have such a strict moral code? From what you're saying, it seems that you're against killing 'innocents who won't fight back'? Two points here.. one, sometimes they cower in fear and other times they actually fight back so they're not all easy prey and two, did you skip every other quest while leveling that required you to mass slaughter (Nessingwary quest lines) or kill for no reason?

    I'm not attacking you, just find your application of morality to this game interesting. I would think that if you were that against senseless violence and killing, you wouldn't be playing this game.

  9. I'd probably check out the DK questlines, but Honor's choice makes sense to me.

    Regarding Nesingwary + kill quests: they're generally animals, they fight back , and the quest gives you some "good" reason. (poachers, defend your home/land, cull the excess population)

    It sounds like the DK starting quests will have you re-enact the "evil" part of being a DK. If someone chooses to opt-out, that's their choice. (on a sidenote, there's some Forsaken quests that are also on the "evil" side to me... I'm not fond of those either)