Monday, July 21, 2008

WotLK Beta - Requests?

Thanks to a friend, I'm now have a WotLK Beta Key!

I'm currently near the SSO, with zero talent points, trying to nail down how the new Seals and Judgements work. (Seal and Judgment of Justice are bugged like crazy, which isn't helping.)

Anyways, if you guys have any requests about what I should look at or report on, feel free to ask in this thread. I only have my paladin transferred over at the moment, though.

Also, I haven't gone to Northrend or seen any of the new content yet. I'd like to play with some of the talent and mechanic changes first.


  1. If you happen upon another, please, keep me in mind. In the mean time... enjoy it!

  2. What server are you on?

  3. I'm on the PvE server, Northrend, I think. I really don't feel like having random Death Knights decide to "test" World PvP.

  4. haha that's no fun! You have to go ret and then just crit them back for 20k

  5. Congratulations - looking forward to the comments about what you find.

    I'd like to hear about the Prot tree, the changes around "Hand of" abilities, and what I can expect to experience as part of the leveling process. eg. should I switch to ret for leveling, or has prot actually viable for leveling?

  6. Along with all the other Judgement testing you're doing, would it be possible to test if the scaling for the new JoW/JoL comes from the pally who is judging the mob or the person who is hitting the mob?

  7. What would be great, if you could, is to spec Prot and check out the stamina -> spell damage conversion.

    Current tankadin gear has both copious amounts of stamina AND spell damage...the new tankadin gear will only have stamina, so I think that when WotLK first comes out, geared tankadins in level 70 endgame gear are going to have a HUGE advantage over other tanks.

  8. Two questions for your paladin (when it will be possible) :D

    Does "Hand of _something_" on a target overwrite a blessing?

    How does "Judgement of the pure" talent work? You judge something and gain haste buff?

  9. Regarding Ret. If you spec it.

    I'm concerned that everything has become a % in mana cost. While this is technically a good thing, it realstically means your mana pool doesnt matter, so it cannot grow on shrink.

    If you try any of these abilities, let us know how fast it takes to dump your mana. Thanks.

  10. @ anonymous: Things cost a % of your base mana - that is (if I understand it correctly) the mana you have without clothes and talents. So bigger mana pool will matter.

    I am curious about factions and your earlier predictions about the silver hand and the scarlet crusade - what does it look like?

  11. Most of my questions concern Protection and Tanking:

    Hammer of the Righteous says it causes "high threat". What does this mean exactly : a base amount of innate threat, a threat multiplier of damage, or something else? What exact value does that threat boost have?

    -- Do Hammer of the Righteous and Shield of Righteousness have any spellpower scaling component?

    -- If a Paladin with Judgment of the Just applies a Judgment on a mob, and another Pally refreshes that judgment with Crusader Strike...does the mob retain the 20% melee speed debuff?

    -- Do crushing blows exist? If so, what are their mechanics?

    -- Does the damage redirected to a Paladin by Divine Guardian hurt the Paladin, or are they immune? If the damage is physical, is it mitigated by the original target's armor, the Paladin's armor, or both?

    -- With Heart of the Crusader and 3 paladins in a raid, can each one spec into HotC and judge a different ability, Justice, Wisdom, Light and get 9% raid crit?

    -- Do immunity effects such as Hand of Protection and Divine shield temporary sets your threat to zero or prevents you from being a target of all attacks/melee attacks like it does now? What about immunity effects from additive dmg reductions (imp intervine/pain suppression/etc) in Wotlk?

    -- Do npcs still have baseline 5% dodge/parry/blocked and being missed at same level and +.2% per level higher like they do now? What about npcs chances to be hit with spells?

    -- Does hammer of the righteous proc seals?

    -- How do Seals/Judgments work now? Are seals consumed when you judge?

    -- What our incoming DPS like/overall mana income?
    -- What are the exact mana costs of new skills?
    -- What are the mana efficiencies of our threat moves: baseline? with a typical set of level 70/75/80 gear?

  12. Hahahaha.

    And there you were just before I left town snickering at me for turning on the "I'd like to be in the Beta" flag.


  13. Here's a question: are you are specced Holy? That isn't the question, here it is: How would Shield of Righteousness fit into the Holy damage rotation? It burns a ton of mana, but if I'm sitting at cooldown waiting for Shock or Judge to come back up, why not throw a ShoR? This is if I'm solo, I'm not spamming high threat stuff while in group.

  14. Dazanna, I'm GSH on Elitist Jerks, btw.

    Tharok, yeah, I know. But I really love determining spell coefficients, and figuring out exactly how the new abilities work. It's lots of fun. Spreadsheets + matrices = good times. :) I haven't even seen any new content or talents. I've pretty much spent all my time on the Isle of Quel'danas testing Seals and Judgments.

    I'll write up something on how the new Seal/Judgement system works. I still have to determine how the damage from unleashing Seals is calculated, though.

    After that, it looks like there's interest in Prot paladins, so I'll spec Prot and see what happens.

    Just one note, I'm testing by myself, so I really can't look at anything that requires multiple people.

  15. testing divine guardian would be really useful though. ;)

  16. Seems like alot of our abilities now scale with AP making for great synergy with Ret talents but where does this leave us Shockadins?

    Can you look into it and see if spells such as SoR and Conc still have a Spell Coefficient attached?