Sunday, September 06, 2009

Champions Online: Characters

I picked up Champions Online a couple days ago and have been trying it out since. I haven't gotten very far, but here are some first impressions. I've never played the other major Superhero game (City of Heroes/Villains) so I have no idea how this game compares to that.

The character creator is very powerful. The first character I made is Cassiel:

The inspiration for Cassiel should be fairly obvious. I took the Supernatural template and Flight travel power. It actually works very nicely. Cassiel uses his fists and chains as weapons. Oddly Cassiel looks better in-game and flying, even at the lower resolution I play at:

The second character I made is Rake. I made a Regency noble, but made her female:

Rake is a Single Blade swordswoman, with the Acrobatics travel power. She's a lot faster and seems to do more damage than Cassiel, but is a lot more fragile.

You can make a lot of different looks with the character creator. It's very powerful. There are lots of interesting characters being made. For example, I teamed up with a machine-gun-toting rat who travelled underground for one quest. Probably half the fun in the game is making new heroes.

The comic book covers are actually generated when you save a costume in the character creator. That's a very nice touch.


  1. if you can keep the meta data intact (through email for example) others can use those jpgs to get the exact same costume as you.

  2. that cover thing actually looks pretty silly.

    how much harder would it have been to have you punching a random thug? since when do heroes just... stand around... on comic book covers?

  3. I've been playing a lot of CO this past week/weekend and have been enjoying it. I have to say that me continuing to play might revolve around actually having other people I know to play along with. I have been having a good time so far. There are a few issues including poor inventory management and map/mini-map, but overall my impressions are pretty positive. If you want to, friend me and say hi, etc.. My user is "Fimlys" (surprise, eh?)

  4. sadly Champ online is not half the game City of heroes is..the charecter creator for city of heroes is just as good if not better for being less complicated for kids and the non-hardcore data munchers.