Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Champions Online: Likes

  • I like the feel of combat. It's very arcade-y, very fast with multiple enemies attacking and being killed rapidly. It's not very deep, you don't have a great deal of abilities, but it plays well and is quite enjoyable.

  • Character Creation is a long of fun, and you can make widely diverse characters.

  • To go along with the last, people-watching is a great deal of fun.

  • The animations of powers are very nicely done. It feels very fluid, regardless of how odd your hero is.

  • I like the basic powers setup. There's freedom, but also structure.

  • I like the fact that it's a single-world. It's useful not to have to worry about servers, and be sure that each zone has players and isn't empty.

  • The naming system is pretty good. I was skeptical of using an "@username" suffix, but it works in practice, and it is great to be able your hero with the name you want.

  • I really like a lot of the grouping commands. When you start a group, you can make it open. You can right-click someone and there is an option to ask to join their group. This makes grouping very easy and quick. The only thing I would change is that if you ask to join someone's group, instead of getting an error if they aren't in a group, the group forms automatically.

I feel kind of bad that I can't list more likes. The base core of the game is a lot of fun. My dislikes list is probably going to be longer, but on the whole, I tend more to liking the game than disliking it.


  1. While the choice of powers is limited at low levels, to just your chosen framework, as you get up in levels you almost certainly choose powers in other ones. This gives a great opportunity to really create some unique powersets by mixing and matching.

  2. You pretty much listed the core reasons why I'm playing Champions right now instead of WoW, everything else is minor details. Solo instances are pretty neat, too.

    WoW is seeming pretty bland and slow in comparison right now, but I'm sure when I reach the level cap in CO and run out of things to do, and Cataclysm comes out, I'll probably come running back to make myself a new Worgen =) But who knows? Maybe it'll stand the test of time.

  3. Kiryn pretty much summed up why I'm not so sure about playing Champions.

    I was an avid City of Heroes player and loved playing the game but no end game is what drove me to WoW.

    I'd like to know what happens when you reach the level cap. Can you raid or arena? Is it worth taking the time to reach the cap? Cause while CoX was fun to play, I don't forsee myself doing something like that again with and MMO.