Friday, September 25, 2009

Observation about Other MMOs

It's a little unfair to the developers, but the best reason to play WoW instead of other MMOs is that you don't have to listen to people talking about WoW.


  1. I see someone's been looking at Aion general chat!

  2. That's true.
    I once took a short trip into Runes of Magic and all I found was people finding reasons why it's so much better than WoW. Same with LotRo. People compare it to WoW while playing it. Very stange.
    But I returned to WoW anyway, anytime I tryed something new. Now I see many peeps jump into Aion for some new experience, and already anybody compares it to WoW...
    Anyhow, cu all back in WoW sooner or later.

  3. Yeah, I've been noticing that in Aion, but not so much in LotRO. But that may be because I didn't end up playing a lot of LotRO during it's first few months (even though I bought the lifetime membership), so I managed to get past the "new game" phase where people have nothing else to compare to.

  4. (I love wow - but also appreciates and wishes all the new mmos to do well!)

    I secretly think that WoW's disgruntled players are one of it's key weapons. The same lot went to AoC's launch, then WAR's launch, now AION's launch.

    Blah blah this game is better than wow... 1 months later OMG this game isn't like wow... 1 months later quit.

    I'm wondering where a company like NCSoft ore Mythic is supposed to stand - you want to end up with loyal customers that love what you are doing without comparing it to WOW all the time - which must be very distracting and annoying.

    So on the one hand you have guys saying we'll mass-quit if you don't make your game like WOW. On the otherhand... you will probably quit anyways - might as well focus the development efforts for the 'less vocal' people.

  5. I think a lot of the people comparing new MMOs to WoW are the players who never played an MMO before WoW. They have nothing else to compare it to. Hopefully in time as people try out more MMOs they'll have more things to say and will be able to compare newer games to more than just WoW.

    People also have different ideas of what makes a game fun, so even though it's annoying when general chat is full of people bashing one game or the other and how "X did this way better," it will never go away. One thing in Aion I love that I hear a lot of complaints about is its more "grindy" leveling system. I enjoy being able to mindlessly kill stuff while watching TV and making decent experience without having to quest.