Sunday, November 28, 2010

Commentary on the Reputation System

From an Informational Pamphlet found in Westfall:
Give a man a tabard and he will pledge his undying loyalty to your cause. These men are now government sheep who care not for your hardships. They wear the tabard of their leader and care only for what he desires.


Well played, Blizzard. Well played, indeed.

(The new Westfall is *awesome*. Don't read spoilers or anything, just go do it now.)


  1. There's an Andorev Ryan from Gilneas pontificating out in Stonetalon, too.

  2. Murder was the case that they gave me. . .

  3. Westfall has always been one of my favourite zones in WoW, it was pretty damn great back then already - will definitely look into going back now! =)

  4. My mage just finished it, and yes:

    Well played, Blizzard!

    Unfortunately, without heirlooms or a single dungeon I was outpacing the leveling "rail" already, so I've skipped Deadmines to get back on track =\