Monday, November 01, 2010

How was your Wrath?

As the pre-Cataclysm events started today, I guess it's time to look back at Wrath of the Lich King. How was your Wrath experience?

Mine was pretty good. I joined and stayed with one guild throughout this expansion. I moved up from a Gentry level guild into one that is definitely Aristocrat. I got to see all the content in the expansion, which was my major goal this time around. I got to drop raiding down to a nice, steady 3 nights/week.

I even got my Ulduar drake a couple weeks ago, which I think was my last major goal (one of the ICC or Ulduar drakes). There's still stuff left on the table: Heroic LK, Heroic Halion, Yogg+0, ICC drake. My guild actually has the ICC drake, but I was waitlisted the one night we did Neck-Deep in Vile. :/

I would have liked to PvP a bit more, I guess. I didn't do much PvP at all, but it might have been nice to explore that facet of the game.

I also seem to have lost interest in alts. I'm actually heading into Cataclysm with fewer max-level characters than I took into Wrath (my hunter is still at 78). I actually have a lot of random alts stuck at many different levels, but I can't seem to care enough to actually level them to max.

But really, all in all, I'm satisfied with how this expansion went.

How was your Wrath expansion?


  1. I concentrated on a single character for most of Wrath, intentionally ignoring alternates. This discipline allowed me to reduce my game play to a level which I felt was more healthy and still be able to 25-man progression raid. As the push to raid has gone down, I've been working alternates more, so could try all 5 healing specs in version 4.

  2. Not being on the progression wave was really frustrating for me in Wrath.

    I had just geared up for Naxx when Ulduar hit. By the time I was in full triumph gear, Gearscore was born and I was stuck in the "4900GS Trap" and couldn't get that magic 5k GS to step foot into ICC.

    Hopefully, I can find a progression minded guild that fits in my schedule come Cata.

  3. Truthfully, I found WotLK fairly good - up to the raid game. Raiding seemed dull, with an emphasis on gimmickry more than skill.

    I've also found that as the game goes on longer, the quality of players has definitely declined. It's always stunning to me that in modern WoW you can use a term like "dps" in the chat of a raiding guild and have people wonder what it means.

  4. Yeah I was in an ICC pug on Friday and someone asked me what reforging and mastery was. Needless to say, we didn't have the dps to make it past festergut.

    I actually wish that I had more time to play with WotLK. I only started playing in August and, aside from some ICC pugs, I haven't really had a chance to do too much raiding. I have also almost completely neglected PvP, which is something I would like to change in Cata.

  5. I liked wrath. I liked the introduction of RDF and heroics dropping emblems for gear and not having to attune or do two hour dungeons for blues, so I could see ICC or whatnot.

    I'm not a raider but from a raider's POV, it was probably pretty frustrating see Naxx and Ulduar dropped and the TOC quickie and all that.

    I'm not looking forward to going back to the hardmode in cataclysm. I have a bunch of RL projects that just don't allow. I'm also bit peeved my mechanics that worked for me have changed so much next expansion.

    All in all LK = pretty good.

  6. Boring, I'd have to say. Not because the game wasn't good or because there wasn't enough to do, but primarily because where I now live is 10 hours ahead of where I used to raid with this big group of friends I have played with for the last 6 years. Being a hardcore gamer at heart it has been almost impossible to get myself into another aspect of WoW, without getting bored too easily. That is probably why i have let my subscription run out three times in Wrath alone, and I am fairly certain I won't be coming back to it anytime before the expansion. If that.

  7. I was going to answer, but ended up doing my own blog post on the subject. Pardon the self-promotion:

  8. Crap :P

    I loved the DK but the constant failure to make a set of viable tanking specs and the downfall of my beloved unholy, combined with the 4.0.1 changes, as well as the dungeon finder killing the community AND my guild collapsing made me finally quit the game for good.

    Oh well.

  9. I liked a lot of what Wrath brought to the game. I thought the quests were excellent, and the zones were overall very well done.

    Of course, that only accounts for the first few months of the two year cycle. Once we got to raids, I was annoyed by the single-raid-per-tier model.

    Honestly, I get bored quickly. Once we ran Naxx a few times, I wanted something else. THen Ulduar. Then ToC. Each tier brought a new raid, but I'd quickly get bored.

    I preferred the BC model where there were multiple options per raid tier. I'm looking forward to that in Cataclysm.

  10. "I loved the DK but the constant failure to make a set of viable tanking specs"
    - Really? A Blood DK can solo Heroic Drak, in its entirety, PRE 4.0.1. That seems more than Viable to me.

    "and the downfall of my beloved unholy"

    You lost me here too, Holy Palls had uncontested dual tank healing ability without any loss to mana in any fight in the game, now with 4.0.1 they have an AOE also. What are you talking about downfall?

    BTW I loved LK, Blizzard listens to its players(the majority) and it gets better and better with every patch and or Expac.