Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Starting Areas

Since I can't decide on what to do, I've just been making new characters and running through the first 5 levels in the new starting areas. They're very well done. A smooth introduction to the game, and several deft nods to experienced players.

Orc - They're introducing the human/orc conflict really early. It's an interesting choice. Otherwise very similar to the old version. Waking lazy peons is still the highlight of the early orc experience.

Dwarf - Nicely streamlined, with integration of the Dark Iron mages and warlocks. Of course, everyone rolled dwarf shaman. I don't think I saw a single dwarf mage or warlock.

Night Elf - They only make you run up to the top of the tree once, at the very end. And they give you a Slowfall buff so you can jump down! As well, the moonwell quest lore is now more in the game world, rather than quest text.

Tauren - The quillboar killed the Greatmother! I liked this the best of the starting areas I tried.

Gnome - Very well done. An interesting story, and lots of gnomish moments. Oddly, this was the hardest starting area. I almost died several times fighting troggs, as they hit hard and I kept getting attacked by multiples. They also have a knockdown, which didn't help. (I was playing a priest, so was a little squishy.) I did actually die during the final battle, as I got swarmed with little guys, and didn't use the special device properly, I guess. Still kind of shocked that I managed to die in the first five levels.

Haven't tried the others yet, but I probably will give the rest a whirl tomorrow.


  1. I was rather upset that the draenei and blood elf startring zones are virtually completely unchanged other than some new (welcome) flightpaths. After 2 years of time (in game) and 4 years of real-time, blood elves are still not part of the horde, and must prove their worthyness by dealing with dar'khan and then going to the warchief to finally become accepted into the horde. Waitwut?

    Didn't get far into draenei, just to the first town, but that's far enough to know that you still wake up "a few weeks" after the crash and they still have no idea where the rest of the exodar crashed, and there's still blood elves attacking the isles. Very, VERY disappointing after the changes the other races get.

  2. So far, I've only tried Dun Morogh on live, took a Dwarf Shaman up to level 8. (I did see a warlock, no mages though.) I thought it was a lot of fun, some of the old quests are still there but there's a lot more cohesion to things now, and the quest to get the shimmerweed was so much better now. Last time around, early in vanilla, I was terrified of going up there, since every time I tried I'd be dead.

    I also played an Undead in beta, took him up through Silverpine, which was fantastic.

  3. Human starting zone is full of human/orc conflict too. Looks like they're trying to grow up more Varian Wrynns.

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  5. Somehow, I completely missed the part where not just Trolls and Gnomes (an eventually Goblins and Worgens) get their own starting experiences, but how several other races see the same changes.

    I am kind of excited to login and try out the new starting areas now!

  6. Althgouh I'm sure the Tauren zone is technically altered more than some other zones, it is essentially the same experience it was in Vanilla. And that's been SIX years.

    With that said, some of of the changes are very welcome. The quillboars make a bit more sense than "kill some stupid animals". And the spirit travel forms that take you to the next quest hub was a nice change from the long, often dangerous walk. (Level 7 mobs are scary for a level 4, okay!)

    Oddly enough, playing my Tauren Pally is mostly all I've done since the patch. Crusader Strike ftw! (Honestly, I'm still one-shotting many things with that attack.)

    I might actually explore or grind Goblin rep. Eventually.

  7. Troll was super awesome too. I only tried Gnome and Troll because I thought the rest were the same... hmmm..

  8. pleassseee tell me you guys have seen this WOW mash-up!

    Awesome W.O.W quest for Jason Stantham!