Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Note to Commenters: Political Jabs

I do not like these small jabs at politicians or political parties in non-political conversations. They mar what are otherwise perfectly fine comments. I consider these jabs to be impolite and lacking in grace.

Accordingly, from now on I will be deleting any comments that contain unrelated political jabs, regardless of the quality of the rest of the comment.


  1. I disagree and have left my rebuttal on my own blog.

  2. If this comment breaks your rules Rohan, I do sincerely apologize.

    First, I agree 100%; please no religious or political comments. I feel pretty strongly about both, but here, on this site, in this game, I don't care. So shutup, and lets talk about those stoopid DPS that wont stop pulling in PUGs!

    Second (pet peeve) Klepsacovic, you say that you rebutted in your blog, but left no url. sigh. Ok, so I found it in one of your many blogs. Why make me look so hard? But, at least it was a well written, clearly thought out reply. (that was sarcastic)