Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Willingness to Schedule

Just a random thought, but sometimes it seems like it is a lot harder these days to schedule things, to get people to commit to showing up at a given time in advance. Not just in WoW, but in real life too.

I wonder if it is related to the increasing inter-connectedness of our social lives. Sometimes it seems that everyone wants to leave their options open. To not commit to X, because there's a small chance that something else more interesting might pop up in the time between now and X. And because of the speed of communication, you might hear about the new thing in plenty of time to go to it.

It just seems like in the past, because it was harder to communicate with people, that people ended up making arrangements earlier, and sticking to the arrangements with more faithfulness.

I'm not really sure which way is better. Ad hoc gives the individual a lot more leeway with what they want to do. But it does make life a lot harder on the people who have to organize events.

And I think there is a strength in scheduling that is often undervalued. To be able to count on people to show up when they say they will show up. I've always felt that the single greatest characteristic I would want in a raider is dependability, not raw skill.


  1. I must say I've felt the exact same development both in real life and in-game over the past year and I couldn't really put my finger on why.

    This is sort of the reason my friend and I came up with as well, while discussing the topic. Quite sad isn't it? But what to do about it? It really pisses me off sometimes how people think everyone's schedule is the same or is infinitely stretchable. Especially as I, myself, like to schedule and try to always be on time =/

    //Lemonslice of Magtheridon EU

  2. I would agree with your assessment. I also think that the culture several years ago that focused on how every child was a "special flower" contributes. It seems (at least with most of my 15 or so nieces and nephews) that the generation of people under the age of 25 or so are exceedingly self centered, and do not have consideration for others. So they don't want to commit themselves to anything, like you said, because something more exciting might come along.

    just my 2c

  3. Well said young buck.
    In terms of WOW it all comes down to guild leaders plucking out those who suck at commiting to a raid.
    Yes your life shouldn't revolve around playing a game, but when your commit to a community action your COMMITED TO A COMMUNITY ACTION. You have surpassed playing a game and are now meesing with other peoples time.

    Anyway, Love your blog dude keep it up .

  4. Wow.. yes since you mention it i notice exactly the same thing both on and off wow. Its weird i don't know if this happened before now because i never thought that closely about arrangements.

  5. I vastly prefer to schedule what I can, because then it leaves the rest of my time flexible. If I know the guild will always be raiding at a particular time, I can leave that spot permanently blocked out, and tell less schedule-tastic people offline that I am not free that day but am free any other day. And BamaTank Inc, I'm under 25.

  6. @Katherine

    Sorry, what I'd meant to say is that many people under 25 seem to be rather self centered, I guess I came across as crotchety. I certainly realize that there are plenty of people under 25 with a good head on their shoulders. :-)