Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Shattering

So Blizzard came out with a major patch, and the servers came up ahead of schedule. Guess it really is the end of the world.

Kidding aside, props to the Blizzard operations team (or whatever they're called). Smoothest launch of a major patch (considering the entire world was remade) I've ever seen.

Though I'm kind of sad, I was planning a post which was nothing but an embedded video of Greyfoo's Happy Patch Day.

As for the actual patch day, I'm paralyzed by indecision. I rolled a dwarf shaman, then a night elf mage, then logged on Coriel and wandered around Stormwind looking at all the changes. (Harrison Jones is the archeology trainer!) I really like the Stormwind cemetery.

The redone class quests were interesting. No more Verigan's Fist! I think that shocked me more than all the other changes I saw. The new quest models are nice and shiny, but still, it's Verigan's Fist! Using the T1 helms for the level 50 quest is a nice touch, but Lawbringer is going to look so out of place.

I really can't decide between doing all the new quests on my main, just for all the achievements and lore, or rolling an alt and taking the alt through all the new content.

Edit: Also, welcome to all the new Tauren paladins out there!


  1. I rolled a dwarf shaman and played him through to level 8 today.

    Dun Morogh still has some classic quests in it, but they're more enjoyable now. No more low drop rate on boar ribs, and shimmer ridge is no longer a nightmare. I can't wait to see the rest of his levelling experience.

  2. What about at least a feat of strength for the old class quests? Similar to the one for completing the mount quest? I got on my mage to do the viewing (ports!) and even ran through the "Southern Barrens". But when I got on my tauren? Whoa! Orgrimmar! I'm just amazed.

  3. Well, the servers really didn't come up early. Only if you count earlier than the second pushed back time as early.

    I am still amazed after all this time Blizzard doesn't drastically over estimate completion time just to be safe.

  4. I think that mages will be very popular, given that the portals in Dalaran and Shattrath are gone. I spend a lot of time riding around Azeroth picking up new flight points and looking at the changes. I think that the game has been given a much-needed breath of fresh air, and I can't wait to see what happens when the changes are ocmplete on Dec. 7th when the expansion pack becomes live.

  5. *New Tauren Paladin waves back*

    Got the feller up to level 15. Although maybe I should have geared up for Prot instead of Ret. Ah well.

  6. I'm the same!

    What to do?

    Race to 85 in a couple of weeks, or roll a new alt? I'm seriously considering a Tauren paladin. But I've got a 80 NE hunter and human paladin, a 53 undead warrior...

    I rolled a Undead hunter last night and got them to 10. The redone undead starting zone is incredible. The new art style for this race is amazing. I think I'm going to have to roll every race/class combination the next few months to experience all the starting zones at least.

    The redone SW is brilliant: the new AH and Bank alone are worth visiting.

    We're spoiled for choice.

    I have to say, Blizzard have excelled themselves. It has far exceeded my expectations, and this after four years of playing WoW.

    It felt like a "new" game.

    For years people have been wondering if anyone could "beat" WoW... well someone did. Blizzard with "WoW 2.0".