Saturday, November 05, 2011

Glyph of Holy Wrath

I've been running [Glyph of Holy Wrath] for the last couple of months. Originally, it was for Ragnaros, to add extra stuns on the Sons of Flame.

But it turns out that there are a lot of other places you can use Holy Wrath and get off a short stun, especially in Firelands. This glyph is turning out to be quite enjoyable. I'm rather glad that Ragnaros provides an excuse to take this glyph instead of the more pure healing choices.

My current favorite place to use the Holy Wrath stun is Heroic Ryolith. The little blobs that move towards Ryolith and increase his armor when they fuse are elementals. So you're busy healing, and you notice that a pack of blobs are moving past you towards Ryolith. A quick Holy Wrath, they're all stunned, and that delays the increase to Ryolith's armor, theoretically speeding up the kill.  Realistically, it probably doesn't make a huge difference, but I enjoy stunning the blobs, so I'll pretend it's vital for the kill.

You can also stun the regular elemental adds, but that's less interesting.

There are a lot of other places where the AoE stun can be used. It's especially easy for a healer to use, because you don't have to change targets, you just have to be close by the mobs.

So, [Glyph of Holy Wrath]. A surprisingly fun and useful little glyph.


  1. When leveling in Deepholm, it was almost a requirement given all the elementals around.

    Nice to see Holy Spec get some use out of that glyph.

  2. Don't get too attached to it. Sources say Holy Wrath is being completely redesigned as a "nuke for holy" in MoP.

  3. I use it as well in FL's for Rhy.

  4. I really like Glyph of Holy Wrath too :) On Rhyolith N/H, our strat is to have me heal with RF on to draw the Fragments and make them easier for the tank to pick up, so combining the HW stun, Warstomp and Divine Protection makes life pretty easy on that count.

    I always like discovering a million uses for a spell - Aura Mastery is still my favourite for that. So many options!

  5. Nuke for holy? You mean like Shockadin-Holy?