Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guild Updates and a Shocking Nerf

Guild Updates

After a bit of time at the 10-mans, my guild has crawled back up to 25s. We transferred to Lightbringer, merged with another guild, and got some new recruits. Hopefully this has put us somewhat back in gear, in time for 4.3.

Also, in an amazing feat of RNG, Shannox managed to drop 4x [Scalp of the Bandit Prince] in a single kill. No one in the raid needed the helm.

A Shocking Nerf

Gentle readers, I regret that I must inform you of a most shocking nerf, a nerf that threatens the very foundation of our illustrious civilization. A nerf so disgraceful that it truly deserves the most outrageous appellation that we, as moral and decent gamers, can apply. Yes, dear readers, this nerf is a veritable slap in the face!

Lady Vashj's [Tainted Core] no longer roots you in place.

We ran an SSC/TK the other night to get some transmog gear. I went along for a shot at [Ashes of Al'ar]. When we got to P2 on Vashj, I killed a tainted elemental, got the core, and threw it to another party member who was jumping at the top of the stairs. That player threw it to another person standing by a pillar, and the pillar was disabled.

Just as God intended it to happen.

Then another player, who had never been to SSC before, killed a tainted elemental, looted the core, and ran up the stairs to the pillar!

I was shocked, appalled, and even horrified. Is nothing sacred in this world?


  1. I had a visceral reaction to the tainted core news. That kind of eye-twitching rage, however briefly it existed, was probably disproportionate to the offense.

    But still, wtf.

  2. I was thoroughly disillusioned when, about half a year ago or so, we did SSC for the achievement, and I realized this.

    It was very disappointed. They had optimized away the defining mechanic of the fight. As if the level difference hadn't trivialized the DPS checks anyway (not that I'll complain about that part... that's just the way it is).

    Sic transit gloria mundi.

  3. so now you can solo that b*tch!! nice move in my eyes... she should die the second i enter the room... and even this wouldnt be enough for all the pain she caused me...

  4. Congrats on getting back to 25-mans! I'd not worry about whether you'll hit the ground running on 4.3 or not, because no matter what happens, ol' tentacle-dragon will still be waiting for you.

  5. I'm not sure how fun this would be to solo. We took in 5 players and it still was tedious as hell.

    I agree though, I'm not sure why they spent the time nerfing this encounter.

  6. It could actually be an incidental side-effect of some other change, and they just never bothered to go back and fix her.

    I don't recall specifics, but I'm sure there have been cases before where seemingly unrelated class changes have broken boss abilities.

  7. Nah, it's probably deliberate. It makes it a lot easier for a small group, or even just 2 people, to do Vashj. This is important with transmog gear, as Vashj does drop T5.

    It was just very surprising at first.

  8. I'm not sure. The cores have been like that for a long time, at least for half a year now, possibly since Cataclysm.

    I don't think they had planned that much in advance for the appearance system, at least not on such a level of detail.

  9. Of course, this was made to make Vashj soloable. Well, at least striders still have AoE-fear.