Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ask Coriel: Breaking the Judgement Habit

Chantal asks:
Ever since the patch was released I've had large mana problems and I'm a fairly geared paladin. I'm still stuck on judging every 8 seconds from force of habit.

Would you consider any addons to remind or report judging after 30 seconds? Before it was easier because usually after cool down it was easy to judge after 8 seconds (every time judgement came off cool down.)
The first thing you could try is simply to change the key you've bound Judgement too. Perhaps moving it to a different key will be enough to break the habit.

For keeping track of the Judgements of the Pure buff, I actually use two mods, TellMeWhen and Paladin Beacon of Light/Sacred Shield Tracker.

The second one is a pretty old mod back from when we had to track Sacred Shield and the HoT, but I still use it to track the Beacon and Judgement of Light timers.

For TellMeWhen, I have it set up to display the Judgement icon when Judgements of the Pure either does not exist or only has 15 seconds remaining. I also use TellMeWhen for Holy Shock and 3-pt Holy Power.

Here is the TellMeWhen setup:


  1. I had a similar problem of breaking the habit of judging every cooldown. I use WeakAuras as reminder. It will pop up the Judgement icon for me when Judgements of the Pure has less than 5 seconds of remaining uptime. Works like a charm for me. A similar setup should be possible with PowerAuras.

  2. Yeah, I use power auras. I use it to show a symbol for every cooldown I have and for judgement of the pure (ie wings, divine favor, infusion of light, trinket, lay hands, BoP, engineering tinker) I have the graphics for most of them sitting right over my healbot.

    Also, I don't know how many people use healbot or vudho but they are both awesome. Currently I am on healbot and I like seeing my holypower right on my own bar there. It puts small green dots every time you gain a charge of HP. Since I am always glancing to the health bars it's very easy to see the rate at which I am gaining and spending holy power. It's also nice to see instantly when it isn't consumed by a word of glory.

    @anyone: Meta gems? Who's tried ditching the 2% extra mana and gone for the additional 3% critical effect. I am going to try it out tonight on dragonsoul normal tonight. We've cleared up to the gunship. Personally, mana hasn't been so much of an issue for me but I play a belf and the arcane torrent I think makes up for some of the difficulty.

  3. I'm also using a Power Aura for both warning of my bacon falling off and also of missing judgments of the pure. Both have different audible sounds (ping and sonar respectably) so I dont have to even watch for a buff or warning on screen and can focus even more. I hear the noise, I refresh with my keybindings super fast.

    I had a terrible time breaking my habit of every 8 seconds judging, so I switched it with my LoD key :-) At least now I heal something when I mess up and try to judge hehe. So far so good!

  4. @gina: Don't you just show the beacon icon in healbot? I haven't used vudho in some time now but that should be able to do it to. Since it's on a tank health bar almost always I never miss it there.