Wednesday, December 14, 2011

[SWTOR] Pre-order Waves

I did not get into the first day of early access for SWTOR. And yeah, that kind of sucks a little.

But, you know, I'm rather okay with the method that Bioware chose to gate entry into early access.  The people who pre-ordered first are the ones with the most faith in Bioware. The ones who were willing to put up their cash first as a concrete manifestation of their faith.

They made the largest sacrifice, such as it is. They were willing to "put their money where their mouth is".

And if Bioware rewards them by giving them first shot at early access by a day or two, then that's okay by me. It is a reasonably just way to determining who gets to go first.


  1. Did you actually have to put up your cash to pre-order though? I've only ever pre-ordered one game (WAR), and I only had to plunk down five bucks - and when I decided not to buy it after all, I didn't even lose that, I got to roll it over into another purchase.

  2. Eh, they still put up the $5 before everyone else. Made the commitment first.

  3. I didn't have to put a deposit or anything when I pre-ordered in late July, I only got charged a couple of days ago since the box is supposed to be shipping today.
    Don't know whether it's different in the UK though.
    Got in yesterday afternoon, and I'm having to juggle between WoW raiding time and SWTOR levelling time.
    It's a nice problem to have ;-)

  4. Had to put up a $5 deposit in September. $5 is not a big deal really. Plus I got in yesterday 12/14. I agree that BIO, for one, has the right to launch anyway they want, and really I got in 1 day before I was told would be my actual day. So I'm pretty darn happy. But I would have been happy if I just got 1 day before launch instead of the 5 or 6.

  5. I got in yesterday and started playing last night. I think they're doing a great job of introducing the player-base to the game and keeping the servers runnning under the load by bringing in the Early Access people in waves.

  6. lets just hope the waitingtime on the servers dont get longer then they are now... 2 hours waiting after work to play for an hour cause i have to go to work the other day isnt realy that much fun. dont see me subscribing to this game if its still that way after the free month... just a waste of time even while the game seems to be fun.

    just looking at the guilds that where put on my realm (darth traya eu)... nearly every guild has 100+ members (prelaunchprogramm). and their are much more players comming on rls/xmas. new servers dont fix this cause everybody wants to play with their friends. and those friends are allready on the crowded servers.