Sunday, December 04, 2011

Ask Coriel: Judgement Talents in 4.3?

Jeremy asks:
Are enlightened judgement and improved judgement essentially useless at this point? Judging is obviously not a priority and there is plenty of time to move in close once per minute to exclude the need for longer range. I can see some value in having the spirit to hit for when my mana pool is fine and I shock and exorcise the baddies for fun.
I am not sure. The thing is that judging is still very important to our class. You must judge, only you judge a lot less than before. However, in a six minute fight, you're still judging at least 6 to 10 times.  That's 6 to 10 times you'll have move up to melee range and back.  In general, you want to minimize unnecessary movement. Time spent moving means less time healing.

I would say that you should have at least 1 point in Enlightened Judgements. That will give you enough hit rating so that your Judgements always hit, and 15 yards of range.

So then the question basically boils down to 2/2 Improved Judgements for 35 yard range, or 2/2 Blessed Life for extra Holy Power.

If you can handle running in and out of melee, or staying in melee full-time, Blessed Life will increase your throughput.  However, Improved Judgements makes life a lot easier. You don't have to run. You can stand at range or in melee. You can refresh Judgement whenever you need to. You sacrifice a little throughput for a lot of stability, which I find valuable.

So that's my choice. I have 1/2 Enlightened Judgement and 2/2 Improved Judgement. I would rather lose a little throughput, in order to minimize movement and improve positioning flexibility.

Judgement Macro

Also, apparently Judgement was changed slightly so that it doesn't auto-target the way it used to. I saw a good macro for smoothing out Judgement for a healer:
/cast [harm][@targettarget,harm] Judgement
This casts Judgement on your current target if it is an enemy, or on your target's target, if you're targeting a friendly player.


  1. That makes sense. Thanks for such a thorough answer

    So far, my Dragon Soul experience is only one night and we downed the first 4 bosses on 2 ten man. Working on number 5 tonight.

    It seems on every fight, I was in close doing a lot of healing on melee and tanks. Light of dawn is pretty effective when combinded with the new holy radiance. I'm still thinking of ditching imrpoved judgements but I doubt Blessed Life will make a huge difference.

  2. Their are a lot of close in fights in DS.

    I was planning a respec tomorrow now I have a feel for the new changes and I am still in debate on range.

  3. Heh, anyone know about haste right now. I've worked with 1800 as the sweet spot. Should we be going for more now and if so what are you prioritizing after haste, crit or mastery?