Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Crowfall: Centaurs Confirmed!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you vital news: Crowfall has centaurs!

Not only centaurs, but centaurs based on the Roman Empire!

The tactic Crowfall is taking towards races is interesting. They look to be tying class and race together. All Knights are human, all Legionnaires are centaur. It's interesting because that means that the races don't need to be necessarily balanced as a baseline, so long as the Race+Class combination is balanced.

According to their FAQ, humanoid classes will allow both genders, while monstrous classes will be single-gendered. I imagine this is to cut down on the amount of time needed. It probably means that there will be a monstrous female class as well, maybe Lamias, Medusas, or Harpies.

The other interesting thing that people noticed earlier was that races had a Hunger Resistance stat. This naturally led into all sorts of speculation about role food would play in the game. Would you have to eat every so often to keep your stats up?

However, the Legionnaire write-up seems to imply that the Hunger are some sort of enemy. So that stat is closer to Demon Resistance, rather something related to food. I found that to be an amusing outcome to the speculation.


  1. Sounds like someone is taking naming hints from Bungie...!

  2. Not only centaurs based on the Roman Empire, but playable centaurs!

  3. "It probably means that there will be a monstrous female class "

    I hope Crowfall never specifies that monsters are of a male or female gender. In fact even better would be to specify that they are of a neutral gender or non-gendered.

  4. Reminds me a bit of The Belgariad, where each nation was composed of similar people: Tolnedra was Imperial Rome (full of conniving politicians and legionaires), Cherek full of barbarians, Nyissa full of assassins and druggies, etc.