Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Well, so much for resolutions. Not a whole lot has been happening on the gaming front here.

In SWTOR, my guild lost too many people to attrition in the run up to Shadow of Revan. Sadly, we didn't get a boost from the expac, either. So the five or six of us who were left all moved to a new guild. Hopefully this one works out and we can get back to raiding somewhat regularly.

I've pretty much put World of Warcraft on the back burner. I'm logging in occasionally to do the garrison story, but am not really doing much else in the game.

For some reason, I've started playing Diablo III again. I'm trying to get my Crusader to a decent standard. One problem with D3 is that it's pretty hard to find intermediate builds. All the builds I see say things like "requires 6-piece Akkan's set". I just got a second piece this week. So it's really hard to tell what's a good build or not for my gear level.

Right now I'm running a Holy build built around Fist of the Heavens and Heaven's Fury. I'm only in Torment II, but it seems pretty decent. Luckily I got one of the new Ancient Legendary weapons, which has been a big boost.

Otherwise, not much else to report. I am looking forward to the latest FFXIV patch which came out today.


  1. Wait just a minute...

    What's up with WoW for you? You can't just leave us with a "it's on the back burner" update.

  2. Eh? Is it really a surprise?

    I'm not in a raid guild. I don't like the way healing and group play work in this expansion. All that's left is playing solo. So that's basically the garrison campaign and maybe LFR here and there.

  3. Considering that you came back for Warlords, it was a bit of a surprise that you didn't last six months.

    This makes me wonder if that 9-10 million mark is going to be very shortlived.

  4. I haven't stuck with any MMO for long if it did not involve some kind of extended, team-based activity like raiding, so I understand why you would place World of Warcraft on the back burner. I hope your are able to resume raiding in SWTOR.

    I have been raiding in Wildstar after a long hiatus from such commitments, and if that guild were to cease raiding, I know that I would lack the resolve to integrate into another team, whether it be there or in another game. I'm glad you were at least able to travel to another guild with a group, albeit small, of people you already know.

    Also, Rohan, I have never commented in all the years I have been reading your blog, but I'm glad you're back to posting. Even your blog entries from several years ago get discussed at our house. My wife and I just finished playing through all the Mass Effect games for the first time, and we thoroughly enjoyed your thoughts on ME3! Thanks for all the quality posts. =)

  5. Ashellia, thanks for the kind words!

    Yeah, the break up of my WoW raiding guild has still made me very gun-shy about joining new groups. Even though that was a couple years ago.

    I know I should join such a group. After all, it's what I love about these games. But lately it's easier to just put off the decision to another day.