Thursday, February 26, 2015

Currently Playing Updates

Here's what I'm currently up to:

World of Warcraft

I'm pretty much only doing the weekly garrison quest with Coriel. I've also stopped messing around with the garrison buildings. I debating doing the legendary questline, but haven't come to a decision about that yet.

For some reason, I rolled a random Blood Elf mage and got to level 5. I'm not sure if I will keep going with it, or even why I started it in the first place.

The Old Republic

My raid team has gotten to 2/10 in Hard Mode operations (1/5 Ravagers, 1/5 Temple of Sacrifice). I'm not sure what fight we'll be working on next. Gearing for Accuracy is a huge pain in this expansion, and it really isn't helping that Sniper set gear seems to not have any.

Otherwise, one major change Bioware made was to add Companion gear to the Weeklies. So I've been slowly working on kitting my companions out, especially the droid companions. Previously, droid gear was fairly annoying to get. One interesting side-effect of this change is that I roll on very little gear in ops. It's not worth the time and effort to get gear for companions from operations anymore.

I'm also leveling a Bounty Hunter, about 2/3 Dark Side and 1/3 Light Side. Professional but a bit ruthless. I'm currently on Taris.

Final Fantasy XIV

I've decided to try and get my Relic Weapon for the Paladin class. I'm currently working on the Atma book stage, and have a grand total of one book complete. ... I don't think I'll get this done.

I took a look at the new Golden Saucer stuff. It seems pretty fun, but I'm not really into mini-games.

Diablo 3

For Season 2, I started a Monk and got to about level 25 so far. This time around, I'm trying to play in public games with other people. However, I think the matchmaking buckets are now too small, since you now have to match on difficulty, character level, and story progression. So it's pretty hard to find people.

What are you up to?


  1. Roughly in order of playtime:
    1) Chipping away at the last 7 levels on my shadowknight in EQ2.
    2) I've just started playing ESO in the month before B2P re-launch and I'm pottering away on a newly created Dragonknight.
    3) As many trio-levelling sessions of the Secret World as we can collectively schedule per week.

  2. Congratulations on your hard mode victories! Our third hardmode takedown was on Bulo (the Ravagers), but in retrospect the Walkers (ToS) are easier, so we probably would've been faster trying them the other way around.

    Was talking to this with Conrad, and we came to the following ranking (from lower to higher difficulty):
    Malaphar < Sparky < Underlurker < Sword Squadron / Revanite commanders < Bulo < Torque < Master & Blaster < Coratanni/Ruugar << Revan

    Looking foward to reading what you're going to do next. :)

  3. Not much at all.

    Work is kicking my ass, and family commitments have me shuttling kids back and forth.

    The kids, however, finally got a kinship house in LOTRO and are busily decorating it. Not bad for three FTP accounts.