Thursday, April 02, 2015

FFXIV 2.55 Patch

Oh wow! What a way to end the main story and set up for the expansion!

Can't really say much else, because pretty much everything is a massive spoiler.

FFXIV is simply the best MMO on the market at the moment. I am eagerly anticipating Heavensward.

Edit: Also, I can't believe I forgot about this because of all the stuff that happened afterward, but the new 8-man fight is glorious. One of the best dragon fights I've seen in any MMO. It's not very complex, but tells its story perfectly, and has a great enrage mechanic.

(Warning: there may be spoilers in the comments.)


  1. Has an MMO ever had that many cutscenes back to back like 2.55 before? I mean they gave a freaking warning.

    Plus all the drama in them. Almost all of them were voiced to!

  2. CHOO CHOO! All aboard the Vengeance Train, baby! Can't wait to deliver what's due to some of those fools.