Monday, April 27, 2015

Holy Paladin Weapons

I've picked up my Holy Paladin again last week and have been doing LFR and working on the Legendary Quest.

In 2011, Blizzard asked for some class feedback. Here's what I wrote at the time:
About the only important quality of life issue I have is placement of weapons on raid bosses. Sometimes I think that Blizzard forgets that Holy Paladins are the only healing spec which cannot use staves or daggers.
How has Blizzard improved on this issue?

Well, I took a look at the Blackrock Foundry loot tables, to figure out which boss I need to use a coin on to increase my chances of getting a weapon.

There is not a single Holy Paladin weapon in all of LFR Blackrock Foundry! There's a staff, a wand, and a dagger.

Seriously Blizzard, this is amateur hour. Is it really so hard to write a tool/script/test that checks the loot table and spits out any spec/slot combinations which are missing?


  1. One might think that at least Blizzard have a subject-matter expert for each class, and they would be expected to check such things before a raid goes live. That tells you a lot about that SME's effectiveness (or existence!)

    Don't expect any nice things in the rest of this expansion, because your class champion in Blizzard is asleep at the wheel.

  2. The problem is that Blizzard treats BRF as the second part of Highmaul (as far as LFR gear goes) and the player base is treating BRF as a whole new tier.

    You are better off buying / making amd then upgrading a healing weapon instead of simply hoping for a drop from Highmaul. You'll end up with a higher than LFR ilevel weapon that way.

  3. I don't think that's right, Pallais. There's a 15 ilvl difference between Highmaul and BRF. Every single other spec has a weapon. There are 3 healing weapons, which strongly implies that Blizzard meant to have at least one for all the healers.

    The simplest explanation is that this is just an oversight. That dagger probably should have been a 1H mace.

  4. They could also consider ditching some of the senseless weapon restrictions. Paladins are apparently unable to cut their meat at dinner with anything smaller than an Arcanite Reaper.

    It seems like an oversight or the "BRF = Highmaul" mistake because there are three Holy Paladin options in normal and above :\

  5. I faced the same frustration when my paladin hit max level, fortunately I had been using a crafted BS weapon to level with (dungeon healing leveling ftw) so I just crafted a couple of upgrade items and used that to cover me until I got the mace from Hanz and Franz

  6. There's a reason I check back on your blog once in a while (even though I don't read WoW blogs anymore) this post is it :)