Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SWTOR: Ziost and Patch 3.2

The Old Republic dropped patch 3.2 yesterday. It has a continuation of the Shadow of Revan storyline, this time going to Imperial world of Ziost. In a somewhat unusual turn of events, the very last part of the story is locked, and will only open on May 4th.

Of course, this was not communicated well, so everyone was confused when the questline abruptly ended.

I've only done the Imperial side on my sniper. On the whole, I thought the story was okay. It's on par with the rest of SoR, and not as good as the original stories or Imperial Makeb. It's very interesting for the Imperial Agent, as they introduced a new character who parallels the Light Side Agent in a lot of ways.

One thing I've realized is that I don't really like stories with supremely powerful villains. Villains work best when they are more powerful than the heroes, but within the same "order of magnitude", so to speak. The Sith Emperor Vitiate is so powerful that I don't really see how you could beat him and still feel "fair", as opposed to defeating him because the author let him be defeated.

Heh, maybe with the May the Fourth celebrations it will be revealed that we fling Vitiate forward in time and he becomes the villain for the new movies.

Otherwise the patch was pretty decent. Bioware added a new system for cosmetic outfits. It's interesting, because before this patch, you got your cosmetic outfit by slotting components into the armor shell. There was an in-universe explanation for it. Now, the cosmetic system is purely gamist, with no attempt at explaining how it works in-universe.

They also nerfed a few bosses that were unusually hard, and blocking progress. My group managed to knock out HM Bulo, so we're now at 3/10 in Hard Modes.

The only thing I dislike about the patch is that the sound and visuals on Penetrating Blast got messed up. PB normally fires 4 shots in a volley. But now you only see and hear one or two shots. The ability still seems to working correctly for damage and procs. But it's surprising how important hearing those four shots was for maintaining the rhythm of the rotation.


  1. SWTOR's lore does have a way to defeat Vitiate that would be consistent with what we've seen in-game so far. It would also be a nice bit of misdirection on the use of "#FallenEmpire".

  2. It's funny how animations can mean so much to people sometimes. I have a friend that was super sad that the sage's forcequake doesn't knock weak and normal enemies on the ground anymore (I think that was changed around the introduction of 3.0). She still goes on about that every now and then. I guess I'm just lucky they haven't changed anything major to my favourite classes yet! ^^

  3. Well, it's important because if Penetrating Blasts gets interrupted, the next ability (Followthrough) in the rotation doesn't activate, and you have to skip ahead to Snipe Shot.

    So hearing 4 shots was an indicator that FT was enabled properly, while only hearing 1 or 2 shots indicated that FT wasn't active. The change in the patch messed up that signalling.