Monday, September 03, 2018

Kul Tiras

I finally finished Kul Tiras story. It was a solid ending, and quite enjoyable. I really liked Siege of Boralus as well. Using the main city as the dungeon was lots of fun. I did it at i315 with a group in Party Finder who were looking to finish the quest as well.

All the Kul Tiras zones were good. I liked how there was a main story quest line through the zone, but it only took about 40-50% of the quests, with the remainder being side quests to flesh out the country.

I did Tirgaarde Sound first, which focused on the Ashvane company. Then Stormsong to find the fleet, and finally Drustvar. I would recommend switching Drustvar and Stormsong, and going Tirgaarde Sound to Drustvar to Stormsong.

Drustvar was really interesting as well. In many modern books and movies, it feels like witches are usually portrayed as misunderstood, and the prejudice and ignorance of the peasantry is the real evil. Also shades of feminism conflicting with an evil patriarchy, or men being threatened by women with power.

Drustvar played it straight. Witches exist and they are evil. Burn them in righteous fire. It actually felt quite refreshing, and oddly unique. And you get an "Inquisitor" title, excellent for paladins.

All in all, Kul Tiras is an excellent country for World of Warcraft. It actually feels kind of daunting to realize that I still have an entire second country still to do.


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    1. Yup! I was excited when I saw that notice when I turned the quest because I wasn't expecting it at all.

  2. My main complaint about the story was locking the conclusion behind a Mythic dungeon. I wish the story bit had been a scenario instead. Not everyone is capable or interested in doing a Mythic. Cutting off your playerbase from the initial ending of one of the faction's story arc doesn't feel like good storytelling.

    I haven't done the Horde side yet, but I've been told that side does use a scenario and doesn't even make you (potentially) rerun dungeons to complete the faction story arc.

    1. It is an interesting decision. I wonder if Blizzard had enough data on Mythic participation in the last expansion that it was deemed okay.

      It's also not a super-hard dungeon. I did it at i315. So long as you do mechanics, you can finish it. Not to mention that by the time lower level people get to it, there will probably be many higher level people to balance things out.

      But it is also difficult enough that it feels like a satisfying end to Kul Tiras. If you were a solo player who never raids, then Siege of Boralus makes an excellent "final boss" for the current content.

  3. I've found Alliance questing stories a bit lacking, as motivations of villains are a bit illogical.

    You are lady Ashvane. You plot and scheme until you've got the trust of Catherine Proudmoor who is very close to resigning in your favor. I.e. Tirgaarde Sound will soon be yours. Why trouble yourself trying to hire pirates (chaotic, unreliable people) and have them attack your future domain, and cause harm to your property?

    You are lady Waycrest. Many years ago, humans under the leadership of your husband's ancestors defeated and exterminated the drusts. You are a bit power hungry. Why turn to the losers for power?

    You are Queen Azshara. You rule the amphibian race: the nagas. Why do you need a fleet?

    1. I think Lady Ashvane felt that Katherine Proudmoore needed a push, something to make it obvious that Katherine should step down. That would be the pirate attack on the gates.

      Also, perhaps Lady Ashvane felt that Kul Tiras needed a navy, and with the disappearance of the main fleet, a pirate fleet controlled by her was better than nothing.