Friday, September 14, 2018

Venturing into Heroic Uldir

This week, we decided to go into Heroic Uldir after killing the first 7 bosses in Normal. We didn't actually get attempts on Normal G'huun. I rather think we won't actually attempt it until we get stuck in Heroic. The lure of higher item level gear is too strong for our leadership.

Heroic Taloc

This fight was more or less the same as Normal, except there are laser beams below the elevator as it descends. You have to look below the elevator to see where the beam is, and make sure you avoid it as the elevator goes through it.

In our first attempt, I think everyone was trying to look for the beams. We successfully avoided them all, but the adds on the elevator wiped us. In the second attempt, we paid more attention to the adds and did the fight successfully.

Realistically, if you move as a group, you only need a few people watching for beams. The rest of the group just follows them around while focusing on adds.

Heroic Mother

This fight has a new mechanic in the second room where lasers come down from the ceiling and there is a row of swirlies which mark the safe spot. In the first attempt we all thought the swirlies denoted danger, and got wiped out by the lasers.

We also killed Mother in the second room, and never moved to the third room, where I gather there is another new mechanic.

Heroic Fetid Devourer

This guy hits like a truck. The mechanics are fairly straightforward, but it's pretty much a gear check for your tanks and healers. And in a way, dps as well, as you need to kill the boss before you run out of cooldowns.

We even lost the Thrash tank near the end, and then starting bleeding dps as different melee would run in and try to pop cooldowns to take the Thrash attack.

Heroic Vectis

This is fight we're currently working on. Unfortunately, the strategy we're following requires some choreographed movement to deal with the blood vectors safely. Choreographed movement is a great weakness of ours. So I don't think everyone in the raid really understands it.

We'll see how it goes next week.

I wonder if we will drop Normal and continue working on Heroic. We have three bosses worth of loot, and I think we could to five. That's enough for a reasonable farm, and we'd be able to get back one and a half raid nights to work on Heroic.


  1. We are also a guild that struggles with coordinated movement mechanics. We do better we can all run around like a dying murloc looking for friends. ^_^

    On Heroic Vectis we put down three markers for Vectis. One where we start at, on for people with too many stacks, and one we switch to when someone gets gestate. As soon as gestate is over we switch back to the start point. It took us a bit to get going, but we had someone call out each gestate so everyone knew when to move.

    We had two other markers for the blood puddles phase (on on the stairs side and one near where Vectis starts) and just split up the groups to cover each side.

    On thing that has helped is that we use an addon to push simple notes to all the raiders. None of our notes are fancy, just at-a-glance reminders of what we've assigned.

    1. Hmm. Our initial couple of attempts had a very similar strategy. But we kept getting two Vectors jumping to the same person. And from that point on, both Vectors always jumped together. Healing the double Vector was harsh.

      So we're trying a strat with 3 groups, and each group gets a Vector and bounces it among themselves. We'll see if it works next week.

  2. The standard way to deal with vector is organizing 3 groups, each standing in a marker, assigning 3 initial vector-bearers to the markers, and allowing vector to jump randomly within each group. Once somebody takes too many debuffs compared to the group, this person leaves their group and stands separately until called back when the group's avarage is close to his number.

    Of course, this requires an attention of the raid leader, but DBM has the panel with the number of debuffs sorted in descending order, so it's relatively easy to call people to stand alone.

    This scheme can fail in liquid phase, as people leave their markers to dodge/soak and can get 2 vector with bad luck, but it does not happen often. Most time, the wipes are caused by people dying out of healing range.

    1. Yeah, that's the stat we are trying. We fall apart in the liquid phase.