Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Mythics in BfA

I did several Mythics last week.

In general, they aren't that difficult with a tank that pulls safely. You know, pull back to the group so other groups don't get accidentally pulled, use crowd control occasionally, etc.

Trash can be difficult, especially if you get multiple packs at once. I would rotate cooldowns for the trash packs to make life easier. Avenging Wrath - Holy Avenger - Blessing of Sacrifice - Holy Avenger, one per trash pack, was a good pattern that made healing easier.

I strongly recommend Beacon of Virtue for Holy Paladins as well. There's a lot of group damage going out in heroics.

The only bosses that I found unusually difficult were the Triad in Waycrest Manor and the end boss of Shrine of the Storms. Triad you can jump instead of moving, and using Heroism on the second witch got us past that.

Most of the bosses are mechanics checks. Do the mechanics correctly and the fight is easy enough.

One trend I found is that a Brewmaster Monk tank is bad sign in a group. I don't know why, if they are underpowered, or if it's a difficult class to play, but all the dungeons where I had a Brewmaster tank were a lot more difficult than they needed to be. They also seemed a lot more resistant to pulling safely than the other tanks, for some reason.


  1. Likely a monk that doesn't use brews properly and control their stagger. Monks are also tanks that never hit 100% hp while in a fight, so healers not used to that have trouble and waste mana. It's also possible that their default ae attack triggered a long pull. Jade wind is a pain to control is tight spaces. Anyways, it's a high skill tanking spec.

    1. Yeah, I guess that's true. It also seems to be really popular this expansion, which is unfortunate. For a tank, high skill + very popular = pain.

  2. I think some dungeons are made in a way that cause inexperienced playes to pull additional trash. E.g. Freehold has lesser distance between packs than other dungeons plus many patrols, Waycrest manor has tight space and poor visibility (riminds me a bit EQ2 dungeons where strong groups of mobs were frequently placed around the corners), and Underrot has those adorable chain-casting worms.

    1. That's very true. Pulling back to a safe spot is a tactic which many people seem unfamiliar with these days.