Friday, June 05, 2020

Gaming Log - June 4

World of Warcraft

Raid night. We finished up Heroic Nyalotha. Nothing really unusual happened. We had a few less people than normal, only 13, so healing was pretty easy.

Now that I'm recalling the instance, I think I forgot to get Seals this week. I don't remember seeing a bonus loot roll pop up at any time.

The Old Republic

I finished up Mek-sha. This time around I sided with the rogue Mandalorians, since that was the Dark Side option.

I know that you can kill Vowrawn for playing Sith games instead of focusing on his mission, but he doesn't seem to be playing any games. His plan focuses on beating the Republic and it works well. If he solidifies control of Mek-sha as well, that's just a bonus. I wonder if there's a conversation path which makes it more obvious, or if it's just something that doesn't come across.

Oh well, on to the Meridian Complex.


  1. I got the impression that the option to kill Shaar and Vowrawn was mainly put there for saboteurs, as cutting down two clever and powerful Sith with the justification that they were playing unnecessary games is a pretty good sabotage move. I agree that it doesn't seem like a very natural path to go for loyalists.

    1. I suppose. I doubt I'll ever play Saboteur though. Though there was letter from Major Anri hinting that there were games going on.