Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Gaming Log - July 27

I was out of town for most of the weekend, so not much happened gaming-wise.

World of Warcraft Classic
  • Priest - I did the Dun Modr elite quests. It was a small group, just me, a hunter and a rogue. We died a few times trying to get Balagaras without pulling many adds. But we were successful in the end, and my Priest is up to level 30.
  • Rogue - finished off a couple more quests in Stranglethorn Vale. The run from either Booty Bay or Darkshire is so long that it makes me avoid the Rogue.
Final Fantasy XIV

I dropped into FFXIV just to see what was going on. My guild, never active at the best of times, seems pretty dead. Oh well, I guess I'm contributing to that as well. 

I did some Beast Tribe quests, a leveling dungeon as a Dancer, and a couple of FATES.

The Old Republic

Dropped into this one to see what happening as well. I did the Onderon Weekly on my Jedi Sentinel and surprisingly hit Legend reputation with the Onderon faction. I had no idea I was that close, or that I had done Onderon that much with the Sentinel.


  1. I tend to avoid STV unless I'm in a compact area, without a lot of running. So yeah, I feel your pain.

    1. Is there any other choice for the low 30s, though? Arathi Highlands is all red quests to me, and I'm not sure I have any other options.

    2. There's a couple of quests in Hillsbrad that don't require you to travel to Alterac, and there's also a few in Desolace. To get over that hump I also ran Gnomer and RFK a couple of times.

    3. The Colonel Kurzen and the initial quests for Hemet work out well too, as well as the Green Hills of Stranglethorn. The latter can pick up the pages off the AH without having to run all over the place, and the initial Hemet quests are close by.

  2. I think the only alternative (in terms of soloable quests) for early 30's is Thousand Needles... Which isn't really the easiest place to get to for Alliance and it's only in the Shimmering Flats that have friendly quest givers.

    I was going to say Desolace but I believe a lot of those quests are 34-35 right off the bat if I remember correctly.

    1. I remember going to Thousand Needles from a quest in Theramore, but I didn't check out the Shimmering Flats. I haven't been to Desolace, but that's an even longer trek.