Sunday, August 09, 2020

Gaming Log - August 8

World of Warcraft

We went after the raid achievements for Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold. We did some of them in Mythic, but then dropped back to Heroic when it turned out that the Botanist achievement requires 10 people in Heroic, but 20 in Mythic.

The only difficult one was Xavius, and that was because it requires a Demon Hunter or a Warlock, two classes that we don't normally have in raids, to find creatures hidden in the darkness. A bit annoying because we have a lot of Hunters, but Flare doesn't show you the hidden creatures. The guildmate who switched to Warlock was very excited to use Eye of Kilrogg, though.

World of Warcraft Classic

I found out that a guildmate plays on Grobbulus, an RP-PvP realm. So I made an Undead Priest on that server and have been focusing solely on it. It's actually kind of surprising how fast one can level without distractions. I'm currently level 27.

It's kind of interesting playing on an PvP realm again. I'll probably regret it though. So far, my PvP experience has been:

  • Chased into Tarren Mill by a skull gnome warrior
  • One-shot by a skull night elf hunter after landing at Tarren Mill
  • Killed twice by a skull human rogue while questing near Tarren Mill
  • Killed by a 31 gnome warrior while questing near Tarren Mill
  • Killed a 31 human rogue while in a group of 4 (28 druid, 27 priest, 23 warlock, 23 priest) in Stonetalon Mountains 

Not really sure if the last was fair or not. The rogue didn't Vanish though, so maybe he thought he had a chance at taking out the warlock.

In any case, there's mostly been a common theme in PvP, and that's being ganked at Tarren Mill.


  1. Now you know why whenever I get near Tarren Mill --doesn't matter which faction I'm on-- I get twitchy. That's the fault of my initial leveling in WoW on a PvP server.

    1. Yeah, that zone seems really bad for ganking Horder. I wonder what the equivalent zone for Alliance is.

    2. My best guess is STV, as the broad level range + the Horde base in the middle of the zone makes it easier for high level Horde to go to the Northern part of the zone and gank Alliance working on Nesingwary and Kurzen quests. If you choose off peak hours, you won't run into Z'G raid groups either.