Saturday, August 05, 2006


I had my first real ninja yesterday. I was on a Strat Live run, and [Pattern: Truefaith Vestments] dropped. As there was no priest in the group, we decided to free roll it. After the roll, which I won, a warlock looted the pattern and hearthed.

So I contacted an officer in his guild. It turned out that it was the warlock's brother who was playing the character, and the real warlock sent me some gold in an effort to make up for the ninja, which I shared with the other group members. It's possible that he could have been lying, but I didn't really care.

Apparently the warlock was a tailor, and the warlock's brother learned the pattern for him, which amused me greatly.

All in all, it was an interesting experience. In my mind, it just reinforces the notion that the whole "pass on blues and epics and discuss" is a bad idea. Need/Greed takes care of the vast majority of cases.

As another random observation, the group was really competent for a pickup group. I think dropping the instance cap to 5 has done a lot of good for people's skill levels.


  1. why do people let their little brothers play with their accounts? first of all, it violates TOS, secondly, over and over I hear the same story. The little kid has nothing vested in his brother's reputation, so he does all sorts of bad things. (unless everyone is lying about having brothers)

    It's nice you've had your first ninja experience after so long. I wish I could say the same. Though lately I've been having good luck with passing even in pugs.

    Ninjas are what drove me to the horde side, where it is a little better, or at least used to be. (Server transfers have really lowered the IQ and maturity of our RP server though.)

    The same thing happened in my guild, someone contacted me about one of our guildmembers ninjaing something. Turns out he said it was his brother also. We told him not to let his brother play again or he's /gkicked :)

  2. After hearing so many complaints like this, and then hearing the "little brother" excuse so frequently, I'm also skeptical. In this case, the warlock was a tailor? Hmmm....what a coincidence. At least this person sent you some gold in compensation.

    Considering how original excuses to leave groups/raids can be (just see the threads on the WoW forums), why is the "little brother" excuse used so much?

    Better luck with PUGs in the future.

  3. The bit about the tailor is that the pattern is BoE, but the robe is BoP. So the pattern is only useful to a priest tailor. A warlock tailor cannot sell or use the robe.

    (If the tailor could have used the pattern, then it should have gone to him first, imo.)

    As to the "little brother" excuse, I'm more inclined to believe it because the guild officer I talked to brought it up. Apparently there had been issues between the brother and the guild.

  4. Here is an update: that guy who made the little brother excuse in my guild, I had a conversation with our GM and I'll be /gkicking him tonight when I log in.

    Last night he twice refused to pass on items to help a guildmate gear up. He had an epic staff, and wanted the staff of metanoia, which fairly is better for healing, but our guildmate has a green staff, and we asked him to pass and he refused. Then later, he refused to pass on the Necropile Boots for the same guildmate (this was after he also got the necropile pants). We don't enforce a "one blue per instance" rule but we try to help each other and he just doesn't get it. And we just started ZG, and trying to remain more casual (we are leaning towards ni karma) and attitudes like his will wreck it.

    So yeah, I am not sure I believe the little brother excuse. But even if it's true, it still reflects poorly on the person. And the people that say that seem to keep getting in trouble anyway.

  5. oh, yes, in case you thought something was odd, our guild and guild coalition is all priests and locks :) we fly through DM :)

  6. I see the little brother thing happen on raids. People want DKP so much they have a 'little brother' raid for them.
    This has a horrible effect, the player not playing his best, not doing his job, and wiping the raid.
    We've made a rule, we want YOU, not your character.