Saturday, August 26, 2006

Patch 1.12 Experiences

I haven't had a lot of time to play WoW in the last week or so. I did take a quick look at some of the new things in the latest patch.

  • World PvP - seems interesting. Probably will be a lot more fun on a PvP server. Nothing much was happening on Skywall when I checked in. In EPL, the Alliance had already capped all the towers. It's going to really hard for me to complete the 'Capture the Towers' quest at this rate.

  • Cross-server Battlegrounds - Awesome. Wait times have plummeted Alliance-side. I hear it's a little buggy, but it seemed to be working well enough.

  • Battleground Improvements - The automatic raids is really nice. I'm actually seeing some leadership from the highest ranked people in the BGs, and that is a vast improvement. And I don't have to worry about healing or Blessing of Sacrificing non-raid members.

  • Scrolling Combat Text - Pretty good. Looks like a nice, clean implementation. The one item of info I really miss, however, is the amount you healed someone else for, with the overheal separated out. That was a really useful piece of information.

  • Seal of the Crusader - SotC is currently bugged like crazy. It's giving me slightly more than double the amount of bonus Attack Power that it gave pre-1.12. I think that it is adding some +AP bonuses twice. Ah well, should be fun until Blizzard fixes it.

All in all, it was a pretty small patch. Maybe this means that the expansion is not far off.


  1. You can still install the latest SCT 5.0 and disable the Blizzard version. There's a LOT of new stuff in SCT 5.0.

    Also, my guild has moved from Damagemeters to SW Stats, whch is lighter and more accurate.

  2. One thing I find amusing about Bliz's SCT is that when I target a friendly player with a small amount of health, it tells me to Hammer of Wrath them! LOL