Monday, March 30, 2009

Fixing Chain Disconnecting

Cadfael at Elitist Jerks has written a guide to fixing disconnecting in raids. It's long and detailed, with several fixes that can help if you are suffering from:
  • Sometimes disconnects after porting / logging in to Dalaran
  • Disconnects at heavy raid AOE damage and events like Thaddius, Gluth
  • Chain disconnects in general
  • Excessive disconnects at Sartharion
  • Excessive long phase of "red question marks" after a patch when the client's cache was deleted or you don't see NPCs and player for a long time or even disconnect seemingly unmotivated after a new patch often
  • Often disconnect after porting in or out of an instance

It's an extremely good article that has a lot of suggestions that can easily be implemented.


  1. Good catch.

    I'll link to it in my guild's forums.

  2. Nice! I don't have that problem, thankfully, but I know those that do so I will pass it along.