Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I really need to write more posts. I have a bad habit of not putting down ideas until I've "fleshed them out in my head." But then I never actually end up writing those posts. I need to just start writing, and work out the idea while writing.

In WoW news, I killed Malygos-25 on Sunday, though in a 20-man raid as we were going for the achievement. It's an interesting fight, apart from my utter and total failure on Phase 3. Seriously, the best thing I can say about my performance while flying the dragon is that I soaked up some damage which might have hit someone who was actually contributing. I do want to do that phase again properly. Maybe I'll try and practice a bit more with Aces High. I've done that quest several times before, but I now I know what I should be practicing, which is somewhat different than doing the quest solo. Malygos was the last kill I needed for my Champion of the Frozen Wastes title.

After Malygos, I got to do Sartharion-3D. Now that is a crazy fight. So many different elements make the fight very chaotic. I think a lot of the challenge here is learning to focus on the elements that only concern you, and trusting that everyone else will handle their part. But we killed him, and I have Twilight Vanquisher.

I'm using "the Seeker" as my title though. It's still my favorite title.

I've also gotten a fair amount of loot over the last two weeks, including 4-piece Tier 7 (and matching boots!). The shoulders are a terrible, terrible model.

So I've basically done all the content in the game at the moment, which is something I've never been able to say before. The one Achievement that I really want to do is And They Would All Go Down Together, as it makes the fight very different. We're still working on various Achievements, most notably Immortal. I've respecced to 54/17/0, to maximize survivability with Divine Guardian, Improved Righteous Fury, and Blessed Life. It's a pretty good build, but you can really feel the missing Crit talents. And Pursuit of Justice, I really miss Pursuit of Justice.

Ah well, good times.


  1. Heh... I have the same problem. I have many ideas for posts. But don't do anything about them until I get it worked out in my head. Then I just don't do it. Either by mere laziness. Or someone else posts pretty much the same exact thing and then I get discouraged because I don't want to come off as a copycat. Hence the cancellation of a series of posts I was going to do on Unholy Death Knight Tanking.

  2. grats on your 3d kill! My guild attempted it yesterday but we wound up toggling down to 2d up which was a first for the guild.

  3. I want "the Seeker" title soo bad :/ but I'm over 1000 quests away. Just out of curiosity how did you manage to get the title?


  4. I really like doing quests. I try and do all the quests possible when levelling. Plus Coriel is a fairly old character, so I've done a lot of the Old World quests.

    My best advice for Seeker would be to go for Loremaster. Just turn on Low-level Quest Tracking on the map and go around to all the zones you missed.

  5. Gratz on the Sarth3D kill. We are having efforts on that but due to some members going afk we had to kill Sarth2D with 19 members :p

    A good kill, hopefully we will have some descent efforts on 3D this week.

  6. lol I don't have your problem as I ramble in my posts and since thats how I roll I don't see any reason in trying to change that :P Gratz on Maly! Man I really can't wait til I hit 80 so I can do all this awesome content. At this rate Ulduar will be going live before I hit 70 -.-

  7. Gratz on Maly and S3D! Fun isn't it? =)

  8. I agree that "the Seeker" is a great title. Right now I'm wearing "Chef", though, because it's the one title I absolutely HAD to have when Achievements were added.

    Once I finish Icecrown I'll have the Loremaster title... so I'll probably wear that for the most part.

    RE: Loot. Personally, I have horrible luck when it comes to tier pieces. I never picked up more than 1 or 2 pieces of any tier sets in TBC. My luck is holding through WotLK, as well - I don't have any T7.5 gear (though I did buy the T7 chest with Emblems).

    However, all of the non-set healing plate has a very nice blue color to it. Your pick actually has the helm. Well, since my luck is so bad at getting tier pieces, I have nearly the ALL of the non-set gear - helm, legs, gloves, boots, bracers. All I need is the chestpiece from Malygos and I'll actually LOOK like I'm wearing a set. :)

  9. Grats on the 3D kill!


    I doubt you've seen my blog, but I'm a big fan of yours (and I used to be on Skylawl alliance with you), and thought I'd tag you for a blogging meme going around, "6th screenshot"

    You just go into your WoW SS folder, pull out whatever is the 6th screenshot in there, and post it up with the story behind it.

    Here's a link to my post about it.

  10. Times have really changed since you first started this blog. I remember years ago pre-BC when you were in full blues, fully 3 tiers of raiding behind. Now you can say you've cleared all the content in the game. As a hardcore raider back then, I actually appreciate what Blizzard has done; I think making things accessible for everyone, with optional hard modes to distinguish hardcore players was the right choice for the customer base, and the right direction for the game. Before, guilds had a very small player base in which to draw quality players, that pool is now much larger, leading to a better overall experience for everyone.

    A few tips for 3d25:

    The things that can kill you are:

    1) Void Zone. Move out of it.

    2) Lava Wave. There are two types. We have a player call which type it is, and the rest of the raid runs to the safe spot(s). The better players are always aware of their surroundings, but some people need the little extra.

    One has a safe zone in the middle (and in the lava) which we call "Middle." When you hear this, casters run to the middle, melee run into the lava (for about 1 second)

    The other has two safe zones, one on either side of the middle. We call this one "Two." When you hear the call, you run towards the closest safe spot.

    ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^

    3) Adds. As a healer, standing away from where they spawn is usually enough. Alternatively, you can have a Paladin healer with Righteous Fury on, who stands near the AoE Tank. Otherwise, not your concern.

    4) Twilight Fissure. Triggers when you deal damage. Not your concern.

    5) Lava Strike. Random target damage. Does some splash damage. Not your concern, although the splash can be mitigated by spreading out casters and healers slightly.

    A few tips for Malygos Phase 3:

    Your goal is to kill him as fast as possible without dying. You have 3 useful moves:

    1: Fireball
    2: Stacking DoT
    3: Shield

    The goal is to stack as many DoTs as possible without dying. The basic rotation is therefore:

    1,2,1,1,2,1,1 WAIT until 50 energy, 2

    Repeat 1,1, WAIT, 2 until dead.

    If you get focused during the 1,1 part, don't fire your DoT, simply wait until you take the first tick of damage, and then shield.

    If you get focused right after you shoot your 2, quickly build 1 combo point, wait until you take 2 ticks of damage, then shield.

    If he focuses you twice or three times in a row, you may lose your stack (bad), or die (worse). You can prevent dying by using a higher point shield, but you will always lose your stacks.

    The only other element is moving out of the AoE lightning. Simply have everyone clump in one spot, then move in one direction slightly.

    If you want to practice with Ace's High, you should simply try the 1,1,2 and 1 point shielding without your stack dropping. You should be able to get 4-5 stacks fairly quickly and easily.

  11. Grats on Arena Master, Azreal! Thanks for the tips on Maly.

    Yeah, I don't think the top end really appreciates how having more people into raiding just benefits everyone. Greater recruitment pool, Blizz spends more money on raids, everything is just better.

    Of course, though, even though the potential recruitment pool is bigger, fewer people need to leave their current leveling guild for progression, so the high end may lose out on recruits that way.