Saturday, June 06, 2009

A Classic

I was wandering around YouTube, and came across this classic video. Old-school paladins should remember this.


  1. Nice one. But I still love the classic hitler paladin tirade.

  2. Boy, do I ever... and here I was going to put that on mine. You beat me to the punch again!

  3. Am I old school for remembering that? :(

  4. Oh, how times have changed. So easy to forget while I'm getting killed 100-0 during a ranged stun through 600 resil by a plate class who also has bubble and instant heals, that they used to be nearly unable to kill quest mobs, and rolling one on a pvp server was tantamount to suicide. Nowadays, if you roll as anything other than paladin or DK on a PvP server you obviously aren't concerned about whether you win PvP fights. :)

    Just kidding! You know I love blessings! I mean, I love the otherwise useless objects we invite to raid that dispense blessings! I mean, I love paladins!


    Also funny to remember all those years that druids were by far the worst PvP class (and honestly, worst class in general) when 3 of us all at once can't kill a tree nowadays, and people are worried about cats having too high damage. Cats!

    How times have changed.

  5. Back in the good old days when i still enjoyed and had time to play the game. How things have changed