Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Brute

Here's a neat little web game: My Brute.

It's silly and fun. It's basically a Pokemon-type game where you have a fighter and the fighter fights duels. It levels up and gets weapons and abilities. The graphics and style is very well done.

However, look at the sign-up process. It's elegant and streamlined, and is quite beautiful. If you're looking at making a web game or RPG, take a look at what these people do. They don't require you to sign up ahead of time, signing up is done after the fact.


  1. if you guys like you can use this link as well :D

  2. Hi all, first of all I would like to congratulate the developers, very good games, beautiful graphics, it may be missing a tutorial for this that have never played the PC version.

    For info the beginning of the game is a long time is taken quickly by other Taules brutes. it is a bit boring coup.

    The best way is to choose a good master chatting like mine at the start of games.

    it has many bonus:
    - Specific chat: tape two shots in a row, bonus vitality, ..
    - Animals: bears, wolves, ...
    - Weapons: ax, sword, knives, ...
    - Bonus: double XP for 3 days, new arenas, ...

    I choose the best way to change quickly, is to become "The Brute"

    We are already 23 (at 48.39, 36.34 ,..), Come join the clan "BIG UP" by typing "CHBIGHFE"

    An email address to join, or I give you tips and tricks to move quickly:

    Yes We Can