Friday, April 03, 2020

Grand Empress Shek'zara

Wow, this World Boss is terrible. The week in between causes me to forget how bad this boss is.

It isn't even that bad of a boss, but the lag is really, really bad during this fight. The lag combines with with the special where you have to run to the safe zones to deadly effect. I think that most people just don't register as being in the safe zone and thus they all die. I lost half the raid today even while Aura Mastery was active.

At least your ghost spawns right next to the fight.

The devs probably should have given that ability to the other world boss, and left Shek'zara without any heavy raid-wide damage moves. Though they probably didn't predict the amount of lag.

Actually, Vale in general is much laggier than the rest of the zones. I wonder what is causing the issues in that one zone?

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