Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Gaming Log - January 13

A mage in my guild wanted to start Torghast Twisting Corridors, so I ran Layer 1 with him. I went as Protection paladin and he was a Frost Mage.

It went pretty well, though no absolutely crazy combinations of powers for me. Just steady build up of all the paladin powers and tank health. I did take the power that doesn't allow you to move backwards, which was kind of weird. I usually mouse-move, so it wasn't a huge deal.

I did die once, on the last boss at 1%. I think I had stopped paying attention, and then took his special directly instead of avoiding it. Luckily the mage was able to finish him off.

Twisting Corridors is pretty long. That run took us almost two hours. Though to be fair, we probably could have pulled more aggressively and done multiple groups at a time. I am glad Twisting Corridors is thoroughly optional, though.


  1. How did you like the power / challenge curve as compared to a regular run?

    1. It's definitely easier near the end, but it's dominated by the time it takes. You're kind of hoping it ends soon, so you don't really appreciate the insanity or challenge.

      I think 18 floors is just a little too long. 12 or maybe 15 might feel better.