Sunday, January 10, 2021

Profession Dailies

Profession dailies in Shadowlands really should reward the zone-specific material. That at least would make them worthwhile. Instead they just give the baseline material which is present in very zone, and thus very easy to pick up through your general playtime.

If you visit all four zones equally to do quests, you might end up with 4 stacks of baseline, and a stack each of the zone-specific material.

If a Maldraxxus mining daily gave 20 oxxein instead of 20 laestrite, they would be much more enticing, while not really being overpowered. It would also tie the daily to the zone more strongly, which I think would be good.

I think this would be a small tweak which would improve profession world quests significantly.


  1. Yeah, these quests give cheap mats and they are not really dailies. They are just regular world quests that appear from time to time. Definitely not every day. Well, at least they give one skill point, saving a considerable amount of gold on levelling some professions closer to the end.

    1. Whoops, my mind went to dailies automatically. You're right, they're World Quests.

      I always forget about the points, because my paladin is Jewelcrafting, and it's always easily to level. Not very lucrative, though.