Thursday, January 14, 2021

Need to Improve My Healing

I'm not really sure what happened, but my healing in raids has suddenly become abysmal. Last raid tier, I could regularly parse about 80% of similar item level. Tonight, I managed 12%. 12%! That's like basically not healing at all! My other guild healers are carrying me at this point.

(It's not totally bad. We killed Sire Denathrius on Normal, and killed Shriekwing on Heroic for the first time.)

I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong this tier. As far as I can tell from the guides and theorycraft, the Paladin healing style this expansion is similar to last tier. Holy Shock, Crusader Strike, keep Glimmer up, etc. Maybe Holy Power and Word of Glory are throwing me off rhythm. Maybe I'm trying to use Word of Glory too much instead of relying on Holy Shock.

I know I'm losing a bit from not being Kyrian, but not this much. Still though, maybe I should change. Though one problem with changing is that I'm currently wearing three pieces of covenant armor, and I don't have replacements.


  1. Believe me, I understand where you're coming from. (But from a DPS perspective.)

    In AQ40, I was running somewhere between 7th and 10th on DPS on an average week, and my parses had been steadily climbing upward. And my first couple of weeks in Naxx weren't that bad either. But last Friday's run had my parses drop into 15% range.

    I do get that my parses are going to drop when I'm the Mage babysitting the scarabs on Anub'Rekhan and am on wall duty on Maexxnna, but going from 60% to 15%? WTH man....

    The thing is, my DPS hasn't suffered that much --it's running about 10-12 out of 40-- it's that I should be doing much more.

    1. Yeah, big drops in performance are very disconcerting. You wonder if the theorycraft suddenly changed while you weren't paying attention.

  2. Healing is a weird one. You're a great healer if no one dies. You're even better if no one gets hit. DPS in fire and you're bad.

    Parsese are fine... but context matters more.

    1. Eh, in my opinion, all your healers should be in the same range. The ideal is all healers have exactly the same HPS. But mine is distinctly lower than the others.

      Also people are dying, but we're only in Normal so it doesn't matter too much if we lose one or two. But it will make a difference in Heroic.