Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Crazy Talent Idea

1. Move Repentence to 31pt Protection.
2. Drop Holy Shield to 21pt Protection.
3. Drop Blessing of Sanctuary to 11pt Protection.
4. Move Blessing of Kings to 11pt Retribution.
5. Move Seal of Command to 31pt Retribution AND increase it to 100% of weapon damage (with 7ppm).


Seal of Command is the talent with the single greatest effect on paladin gameplay. It changes the weapons you try to acquire, and pretty much becomes the default Seal for most situations. The way it changes our gameplay is worthy of a 31pt talent.

However, SoC as it stands is not powerful enough for 31pts. Increasing the damage dealt makes it a seriously powerful option, but requires a heavy investment in Retribution. It becomes our 'Shadowform', if you will.

As well, the increase is mitigated somewhat by moving Repentence to Protection. So no extra stunned JoC. As well, Protection becomes stronger, and Holy Shield becomes more accessible. Additionally, both Blessings are far easier to acquire for raids.

The change also improves the viability of Protection builds. Now the bottom half of Protection is roughly equal to Retribution, so 31/20/0 ~ 31/0/20. And 30/21/0 is also a decent build. Reckoning builds get the added boost of Repentence, making them seriously viable once more.

Indeed, even 0/21/30 has the potential of being an interesting build. Holy Shield + Vengeance + Improved Retribution Aura has some interesting possibilities.

In many ways, the current placement of SoC warps the paladin class. It is too good, too fast. Making it better, but more costly, frees up a lot of potential for new and unique builds.


  1. One problem, heavy investment in Retribution doesn't nerf Paladin healing too much. 31 Retribution 20 Holy, the only thing ur really sacrificing is divine favor and 5% spellcrit...not exactly a healing nerf, so no it is not a real shadowform.

    As for the protection changes, ur basically turning it back into what it was before the paladin patch.

    Besides, Blizzard said they will be making continual changes to the paladin class over the next few patches after 1.10...what did we get? An extra 5 yard range on blessings? I stopped fantasizing about a balanced and "fun" paladin (although healbotting was fun for quite a while) and moved on to play the shaman.

  2. The problem is that there are no really useful DPS skills other then SoC. So add a 31 point talent to protection that would be some sort of damage reflection shield. We can balance the numbers and duration but it needs to bring a serious DPS boost to the table. Simply moving things around doesn't make up for the lost DPS that putting SoC out of reach of alot of Paladins would bring.