Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Warlock Hits Level 60

My warlock hit level 60 today. Now I have 2 60s. Probably a sign I play this game too much.

Now the question of what should I do now. I need to gear the warlock up, as I'm still wearing level 40 gear. However, since I'm Horde and a DPS class, it occurs to me that PvP may be a viable path to getting some gear. Horde queue times are insanely short, on the order of 5 minutes or less. And PvP gear is pretty good PvE gear for warlocks, as it emphasizes +Int, +Sta, and +Damage.

However, PvP may take longer than instance running. And instance running offers a wider variety of gear. I can also complete quests and get gold.

But instance runnning does not guarantee drops, whereas PvP does. I'm not sure how quickly I can rank up, but I should be able to get the blue PvP gear. I don't think I'll be able to get the epic sets, but the blue set, combined with the AB/AV/WSG faction rewards, should be good enough to set me up for endgame.

And of course, I'm guildless, which means that any instances I run will be strictly pickup groups. That seems like a recipe for frustration.

I guess I'm leaning toward PvP. Maybe I'll try for a week or so, and see how much progress I can make.


  1. I'm sure you already know, but keep in mind that gaining ranks isn't a linear progression. That first week can be quite deceptive when you jump up a rank or two. The ranks get a lot harder the further you go.

    Then again, I didn't PvP that much (30-40k honor was a lot for me), I'm Alliance, and we outnumber horde by 2:1.

    Either way, good luck to you.

  2. A decent rule of thumb: If you play a lot, but not bonkers, you will average 1 rank a week, until rank 9. Rank 10 and on requires real commitment. Good luck.

    Or, find a guild. :)

  3. I could find a guild, but I'd be ditching them for a raiding guild pretty soon, and that seems like a lousy thing to do.

    Basically, any guild which would accept me in my current gear (Robes of the Lich ftw!) is not going to be a raiding guild any time soon.