Friday, July 21, 2006

Update to Factional Imbalance

Well, looks like I was wrong. Possibility #3 (an unbalanced game) was correct.

As an aside, it's funny how Blizzard always releases controversial changes on a Friday. Changes that will be positively received come out earlier in the week.

More thoughts to come later.

Edit: It could also be a complex joke. Blizzard did something similar with the wisps. But that was on April's Fools Day. The problem is that Blood Elf Paladins/Draenai Shamans are too close to an actual solution for any faction balance problems that may exist.

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  1. The Friday thing is pretty standard PR. Most people get thier news during the week. It's not as much of a factor now but it used to be alot more. It's really the only PR thing the CMs get right.