Tuesday, October 21, 2008

70 Hunter!

My third 70: a draenei hunter named Corissa, and her pet ravager, Fluffy. I believe the technical term in the hunter community is FO'SHIZZLE!

(Yeah, I don't know what it means either, but it seems appropriate.)

I tamed Fluffy at level 10, and it's been my only pet all the way up to level 70 (aside from temp pets tamed for skills). It's interesting how some hunters focus on one pet, and others collect many different pets. I'm full Beastmaster, because that was the only spec where my pet could actually hold aggro, but I have no desire to get any exotic pets.


  1. Grats! I have a Hunter sitting at 61 atm. I am in no hurry to level her up though. PEW PEW!

  2. Congrats on hitting 70!

    3.02 really introduced some love for the hunters.

    I hear what you're saying about being a one pet hunter. That was me for a very long time.

    But having tried some of the exotic pets in action (and knowing they're getting another 10% buff to their dmg compared to other pets), I'd really suggset buying your new bank slots and seeing if any of the new pets are a good fit. My fav so far: the core hound who easily tank elite mobs that were a struggle for my cat pre-patch.

    Another cool (but non-exotic) pet is the gorilla. With the gorilla's AOE attack to keep threat on multiple mobs and your spammable volley, you really can AOE as a hunter -- it is a lot of fun and very effective. I was grinding the Consortium guys in Netherstorm for rep and level the gorilla to 70 and I was easily rounding up and AOEing down a half-dozen at a time.

    Anyways, congrats again!

  3. Grats!!

    I've been holding out on getting my mage to 70 for ages - she's been 68 forever! She'll be my 4th 70.

    Gonna do all the hallows end candy quests on her to get some free XP and see how i get on!

  4. Too funny - my hunter alt - only level 25 - is female as well, and has a ravager.... named Fluffy.

    Great minds? Or fools?

  5. Congrats !

    My shaman - 2nd alt - is still 5 lvls away :(

  6. FO'SHIZZLE, neighbor! (apostrophe neither mandatory nor frowned upon).

  7. What do you mean not exotic? That's a cool pet now I have an idea what other I want to play eventually.

  8. kRinSH, the 51-pt Beastmaster talent allows you to tame special "exotic" pets, like Devilsaurs and Core Hounds.

  9. Xplodigun would probably say you aren't leveling fast enough, she's now at 8 level 70's